wedding venue tour

What to ask at your wedding venue tour

You’ve done your research and learned all about banquet halls in Glendale, CA or wherever you’re hosting your reception.  What started off as a simple Google search of a “wedding venue near me,” has turned into a list of your top five banquet halls. Now the fun can begin – touring each location and seeing if it looks as amazing in person as it did online. To make the most of this experience, there are a few questions you should ask at your wedding venue tour. Write these tips in a notebook and jot down answers for each hall when you visit so you can make a solid decision.

First things first – Make an Appointment

Take a few minutes to send an email or make a phone call to potential venues to set up a visit. Each tour can take an average of 30 minutes, up to three hours, depending on who the meeting is with. It may be faster if it’s just a sales manager versus the on-site wedding coordinator and catering manager. Plan accordingly and be ready to walk the property from front to back and everywhere in between.

Three Deal-Breakers

Regardless of how much you love a venue; there are a few things to keep in mind on each tour. The top three to consider are budget, availability, and style. First, if the entire cost of the venue is over budget you may have to look elsewhere. If you really have your heart set on it then considering cutting corners or eliminating something in another department. Secondly, the date of your reception has to be open for booking. If it’s not, and you’re not willing to change the date, then you’ll have to move on. Last, but not least, is the style of the venue. If you’re picturing romance and whimsy but the venue is a sleek, modern warehouse, you’ll have to say ‘Thank you – Next.’

Questions to Ask

Let’s say the venue meets the above criteria – Great, then here are the next questions to ask.

  • What’s the walking/driving distance from the ceremony location to the hall?
  • How long does that typically take with traffic during the time my reception is being held?
  • Is this venue near any local hotels and/or are there any you can recommend?
  • Is there onsite parking? If not, how easy is public transportation to this location?

Why do you want to know? These answers could affect your decision to book a particular venue. Try to avoid having guests drive more than 30 minutes from the service to the reception. Also, be sure the venue is close to hotels or lodging, especially if guests will be drinking.  And if there’s no convenient onsite parking, ensure guests can easily arrive by ride-share service or another mode of transportation.

Additional Logistics

If you’re having the wedding blowout of the century you’ll need to ask how many people the venue can accommodate. If you’re leaning toward a guest list of 300, but the venue only holds 75 comfortably, you’ll have to keep looking. On the other hand, if you’re having an intimate affair, be sure the venue isn’t too large for you.

Another question to consider asking is what kinds of aesthetic features they have on-site? Not all venues are created equally. Some will have exceptional views, rooftop pools, waterfalls and more that are perfect for photos. Others will utilize the beauty of nature in the area, such as flower gardens or the beach. And unfortunately, some venues will not have anything noteworthy to really help them stand out.

More Bang for Your Buck

Finally, you should definitely ask what the wedding venue tour includes before booking. Find out if there are all-inclusive packages and how much those costs. If you can have food, tables, chairs, and a wait-staff included, it’s a better deal.  Additional questions should be asked about drinks and the bar, plus the cake and any cake-cutting fees. Another worthwhile question is to see if you’ll have the assistance of an on-site coordinator to help it all flow smoothly.

The more questions you ask, the more informed decision you can make. Don’t assume certain things are included, because you may be wrong. When you are ready to tour MGM Banquet Hall while looking at Glendale wedding venues, give us a call. We’ll gladly show you why MGM is the perfect location to host your reception or next celebration.