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Questions to Ask a Wedding Venue

Choosing a banquet hall is an intrinsic part of your wedding day plans. There are several different wedding venues in Glendale, CA and its surrounding areas that may be on your radar. Once you’ve narrowed them down and decided it’s time to take a tour, there are questions to ask a wedding venue. We’ve narrowed it down to 12 of the biggest for your convenience.

Save the Date

Unfortunately, even if you’ve found a venue that’s perfect for your special day, it has to be available for booking. Ask the staff member who’s giving you a tour if your date is still open before getting your hopes up. During peak wedding season, some venues are booked more than a year in advance.

We Like to Party

If you’re picturing dancing the night away, you may want to ask about the venue’s hours. Some wedding venues near me have a hard stop at midnight or earlier – it’s worth checking into. Also, ask how many hours are included in your package and if you can add extra. You may be able to add an ‘overtime fee’ if you’d like to extend the party.

Kill Two Birds with One Stone

Wouldn’t it be convenient and fun to have the wedding ceremony at the same location as the reception? That is a possibility at some venues, but not others. Ask if you can host both pieces of your celebration on site. Also, find out if there’s an extra cost for that addition and what the logistics are.

Cold Feet Policy

Not that it’s something you want to think about, but it’s smart to note your hall’s cancellation policy. Life happens, so always ask how far in advance you’d have to give cancellation notice to get your deposit back.

Wine and Dine

Quick question to ask: Do you have an in-house caterer or a list of “favorites,” or do we have to provide our own? Even if there’s an in-house caterer, is using someone else as a caterer an option? What are the various costs associated with both of those routes?

Take the Cake

Believe it or not, some venues will not allow you to bring in your own wedding cake. Ask your guide what their policy is and if there are fees for using an off-site baker. Additionally, see what the options are for the in-house baker, cake styles flavors and costs.

I’ll Drink to That

Check to see if the banquet hall is licensed to provide alcohol service. Some venues, including wineries, aren’t licensed to serve hard alcohol. You may need to obtain authorization to bring in an outside beverage catering company if you want cocktails.

Glitter in the Air

What’s the policy on bringing in your own décor? Some venues have their own color scheme and decorations that may clash with yours. If your wedding is in December, ask what the venue’s holiday décor will be. It could make or break your decision to choose one hall over another.

Pick Your Poison

Ask if you can hire your own vendors or if there is a preferred vendor list you need to stick to. Some venues have their own photographers, bakers, florists, caterers, etc. . . This is really important if you have your heart set on something specific from outside the venue itself.

 It’s Better to Be Safe

Did you know you should have two security guards for every 100 guests? It’s a good idea to find out if your banquet hall has onsite security before booking. You should definitely have security on-hand, especially when there is drinking involved in the festivities.

Ready, Set, Go

Having ample space for the bridal party to change and get ready is extremely important. Check to see if there’s a room both parties can use to freshen up before making their entrance into the party. If the actual wedding ceremony is being held at your banquet hall this is even more crucial.

It Comes Down to Logistics

What good is the perfect venue if it’s hard to find, access or park at? Be sure to take note of how easily accessible the location is if there are ample parking and more before booking.

If you have any questions or would like to tour MGM Banquet Hall Glendale, California, reach out to us today.