Top 5 Banquet Hall Features

Top 5 Banquet Hall Features

There is a multitude of amenities and features to consider before choosing the ideal banquet hall for your next big occasion. Whether you’re booking a corporate event, a quinceanera or a wedding reception, there are dozens of banquet halls in Glendale, CA and its surrounding areas to explore. Keep the following five features in mind before making a final decision.

Location, location, location

Even if you find the most exceptional venue, ensuring that it is in an easily accessible area with ample parking is something to keep top of mind. What good is an amazing hall if it’s in an undesirable location or in a seedy part of town? On the same note, is the picture-perfect Pasadena banquet hall equipped with enough parking for your guests, or will they end up having to park on the side of the street and walk a few blocks just to make their way inside? No matter how incredible of a deal you’re being offered, it’s imperative to keep location in mind; choose a venue near an interstate or freeway and inspect the parking situation before securing the room with a deposit.

Keep an eye on the size

One of the very first questions to ask when visiting a banquet hall is how many guests can be accommodated.  Have a headcount in mind before exploring venues and be certain the hall can properly seat your guests. Choosing a room that’s too small will make the party feel overly cramped and uncomfortable, while choosing a room too large for your invitees may seem awkward and unbalanced. Generally speaking, established venues, such as MGM Banquet Hall in the Burbank, Pasadena or Glendale area will be able to expertly scale down for smaller parties set in larger rooms without a problem.

Interior Space and Ambiance

So, you’ve found the perfect location and a venue that will fit the guests effortlessly – that means you’re well on your way to planning an epic event. Now, it comes down to the visual aspect of the banquet space. Ideally, it should be modern, clean and well appointed. There should be room for a dance floor and bar if those are part of your plans, and there should be expert lighting and décor as well. When touring event venues, the overall ambiance and vibe of the space should be high on your checklist.

Flipping the bill

Budgeting for a reception, corporate event or any other special occasion calls for having a solid number in mind before planning ensues. Once you’ve set a figure, do your best to stick to it and try not to be swayed to go overboard on additional expenses. The banquet hall you choose will offer amenities, perks, convenient location, professional staff, delicious catering options and more at a price you are comfortable with. For additional information or to tour an MGM Banquet Hall soon, reach out to us today.