No one child is immune to little meltdowns that’s for certain. There are sure-fire ways to entertain kids at your wedding. With the proper preparation, these episodes can be minimized. Weather can play a roll in the options a person is able to offer wedding guest and their children. Our list is based on wedding venues in Los Angeles California. California does fully enjoy all four season when it comes to winter, spring, summer, and fall. There are many cheap wedding venues in southern California. If you are looking for small banquet halls in Los Angeles, Pasadena wedding venues, Pasadena outdoor wedding venues, or a Glendale wedding we have some tips to help the bride and groom plan the wedding celebration.

After years of wedding planning, we have come across many little and not so little meltdowns from the little ones attending. Some of our favorite solutions or all together ways to avoid these breakdowns may seem obvious, but they work. Check out our top seven list of ways to entertain kids at your wedding:

  1. Hire a babysitter and have a private room full of kid fun stuff including a naptime corner.
  2. A video game room was one of the best solutions we have offered.
  3. Bubble stations are a huge hit for outdoor weddings.
  4. One wedding venue in Glendale had a huge beautiful white bounce house that kept all of the kids entertained long into the evening.
  5. MGM Banquet Hall is not new to this way of thinking. One wedding we had offered a kid-friendly table, with its own kids’ dance floor next to it, and a kids bar for kid-friendly treats and drinks. The children got to pretend to be adults all night. There was also a clown that made balloon animals that entertained the children. This was one of the most thought out kid-friendly weddings we have been a part of.
  6. Camera scavenger hunts seem to be a big hit among children and teenagers.
  7. One thing that is often overlooked is kid-friendly foods. Make sure you think of the little tots when planning a menu that makes everyone happy.

Every wedding has little children, toddlers, teenagers, and young adults on the guest list. Preparing to entertain all ages at a wedding is key to avoiding a kid take over. Children can be emotional for so many reasons or no reason at all. In order to avoid the sensitivity of these big-hearted sometimes overtired, hungry, and unpredictable kid moments, you need to plan ahead! For more articles about how to entertain kids at weddings check out this Google search.