Banquet Halls in Glendale, California

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Hosting an event and need a Glendale banquet hall? As one of the largest cities in Los Angeles, Glendale hosts quite a few venues. However, it can be hard to know which of this will give you the service you deserve.

While some venues might boast big price tags, it’s not impossible to find cheap banquet halls that offer the same amount of luxury. This list will detail some of the best banquet halls in Glendale, giving you valuable insight on which ones to look into.

5. Royal Palace Banquet Hall. This venue offers 3 packages, a number of amenities, and a modern, preppy style. It accommodates up to 400 people and offers catering as part of their basic and royal packages. Amenities include dinnerware, an LED lighting system, and a fog machine.
4. Palladio Banquet Hall. Offering an atmospheric, ambient setting, Palladio is another banquet hall that has hosted many successful weddings and events. They offer several different styles of catering and custom decor.
3. Sepan Banquet. Their main package offers security, cake-cutting, and wait staff, Sepan also has three different halls available. Smaller events are hosted in the side halls, while events with over 150 people must be held in the main hall.
*They also offer catering.
2. Renaissance Banquet. Renaissance has two halls, which are used for intimate parties and large celebrations. Amenities include red carpet entrances and dancefloors. They can provide catering and recommendations for other services.
1. MGM Banquet Hall. With a high rating and impressive customer history, MGM is the best and highest hall on our list. They have recently renovated to give their decor a more refined and modern appearance, and offer a number of amenities — including a bridal suite.
*Catering is also available, and their menus range from Mediterranian to Mexican.

Choosing a venue is important, especially when you’re planning a wedding or Quinceanera. While event-planning can be a stressful ordeal, the right venue can offer the luxury and amenities the party needs to be successful.

All of these banquet halls offer rich decor and some offer catering, this means two major aspects of the party can be taken care with one vendor. Many of them also offer bar service, decorating, and wait staff for your party. With the right venue, you only have to make a reservation and cover a few personal essentials.

These venues offer packages, so you know exactly what you’re paying for when you get your bill. If you’re curious about these different locations, take a look at their websites and schedule a visit. Simply taking a tour of the venue and speaking to the staff can help you determine whether it’s the right banquet hall for you.