booking banquet hall

Renting a Banquet Hall:

Your venue is arguably the most important part of your wedding. A banquet hall can be the perfect place to host your wedding, reception, or both.

The spacious setting allows a lot of room for celebration and dancing, and many banquet halls offer other services along with the venue. These services can include DJ services, decoration, and even catering.

What kind of banquet hall you need depends on what kind of wedding you’re hosting. A large guest list might require lots of space, where a glitzy wedding might call for a more luxurious hall.

Before you book your banquet hall, there are five things you should consider. Once everything is accounted for, you can put down payment and begin planning the wedding of your dreams.


If your reception is separate from the ceremony, it’s important that you choose a venue that is nearby. The last thing you want is to get caught in traffic or cause your guests to get lost.

Parking falls into this category as well. Make sure your guests have adequate parking and a place for pickup. If you plan on serving alcohol at the party, you need to consider the possibility that some people will not be able to drive.

Space and Capacity

This goes double if you have a long guest list. Like we mentioned above, more guests mean more space. You need to make sure that all of your guests will fit into the venue comfortably. A party becomes considerably less fun when your guests are packed in like sardines. No-one wants to bump into each other while they’re trying to dance, after all.

All tables and chairs should also fit nicely in the venue. Make sure there’s room for people to eat without knocking elbows.


While this seems obvious, many excited couples overlook the price of their venue in order to host the perfect wedding.

If a venue is too expensive for your budget, consider taking a look at other places in your area. Look online for other options, reach out to friends or make a Facebook recommendation post for cheaper options.


Is the venue clean and pleasing to look at? Some banquet halls might wow you with their cheap price tags but be underwhelming in other aspects.

If you plan on doing a lot of decorating, a plain venue might serve you well. However, if you want a more hands-off experience, opt for banquet halls that come with glitz and glamor pre-installed.

Additional Needs

While decorations, food, and alcohol are the fun parts of part planning, there are basic necessities that need to be taken care of.

The restrooms should be clean and well-stocked, there should be seating throughout the venue for tired, elderly, or disabled guests, and there should be Wi-Fi and phone reception available.

Once all of these factors are accounted for, you can safely move on to the rest of your planning. Just remember: while it’s tempting to just book a hall and get it over with, you should always consider these five things when choosing a venue.