Quinceanera Planning

Quinceanera Planning

Your quinceanera is a once-in-a-lifetime event that will not just live long in the memory, but will forever be captured on social media! It may appear that there is a fine margin for error – such is the importance of your coming-of-age party – but following a few practical steps can ensure it all goes smoothly on the day and night, and your choice from among the ballrooms for quinceaneras is right for your event.

DON’T hire a venue before finalizing your budget

Draft an accurate guest list by asking well ahead of time which friends and family can attend. There is no sense hiring one of the quinceanera venues that are too large for your guests or having to cull names at the last minute. This will also allow for accurate catering. In short: the more thorough your planning, the more seamless the event and the more you stay on budget.

DO choose a venue with beautiful features

Making the right choice of ballrooms for quinceaneras at the outset can save you time and money on unnecessary décor. You can take advantage of MGM Ballroom’s large, airy, and sophisticated banquet hall [LINK], which lends itself to many different stylistic treatments. Then all you have to do is apply a light hand with your quinceanera themes or theme. When it comes to design, less is more.

DON’T buy your dress too soon

Wait until you have booked your reception to get familiar with the venue. Once there, you can imagine yourself in the space and choose a dress that fits both its style and your personal fashion statement. Speaking of the dress, make sure you get the right size in advance. No panicked pre-quinceanera dieting!

DO plan a realistic timeline

Incorporate at least 90 minutes to do your hair and make-up. You don’t want to feel rushed but you certainly do want to feel fabulous – not just look fabulous. That only comes from taking your time and calling on the help of someone older you trust to find the right balance between a youthful modern style and classic elegance.

DON’T do it all yourself

Whether this means hiring a quinceanera planning specialist or simply learning to trust that others have your best interest at heart, trying to control every aspect of the event is stressful and stops you fully enjoying the big day and night. Your energy is better spent feeling how special you are at the center of all the attention. After all, it only happens once!

DO treat your guests with respect

This is the time to demonstrate your grace under pressure. We know it’s the most important day of your life and you have so many things to remember – the shoes, your speech, the order of events! – but you must say hello to everyone.

DON’T forget to thank the ones who made it happen

Yes, your parents. They, of course, are the first people to thank during your toast, but your padrinos and padrinas are next on the list. If you have been helped financially to pull the quinceanera planning together, not only do your patrons deserve a personal thank you in your speech but an acknowledgment with a thank-you card.

DO look up from your phone

The most important people in your life are already around you, so give them the benefit of your beautiful face beaming outwards. Get your selfies out of the way as early as possible, to avoid the temptation. If you are live streaming the event, and with a professional photographer recording every moment, you won’t miss a thing!

DO feed your guests and vendors

If there’s a big delay between the mass and the reception, make sure your guests have something to snack on. If they have to wait, at least they can talk about the food. Remember to also include feeding your vendors (and keeping them hydrated with water) in your quinceanera planning. These guys keep the whole event on track. A simple rule of thumb is: happy vendors equal happy guests.

DON’T forget dinner

As the belle of the ball with a million people to see, pictures to take, parents to thank, and shoes to change, it is very tempting to skip the main meal. Forgetting to eat can add to any anxiety or irritation you might feel, plus deprive you of the energy to fully enjoy the whole event and dance with the freedom you deserve.