1. When planning a wedding, send out digital invites. You can have an artist create the digital invite and then click a button and off it goes. This approach is professional, seamless, and cost-efficient. You will not regret using the wonderful digital world for this time-saving wedding tip.
  2. RSVP on your website not on a reply card. Again, digital, digital, and digital this saves so much time and money. Instead of paying for all of those invites to be mailed out click one button and boom they’re off. Sorting through all of the RSVP cards that come back to you is a huge time sucker. The online tools that are available will give you a printed list of who is and who is not able to make it. These are turnkey systems that save so much unnecessary wedding stress.
  3. Have a friend be your officiant instead of paying for a professional. This makes the entire wedding ceremony so much more personal. There is nothing like having a dear friend marry you and your loved one on your special day. The amount of money you can save and put towards your honeymoon will be well worth it.
  4. Have a standing ceremony, the cost of chairs can be astronomical at times. If you opt for a standing wedding make sure to have some chairs available for the elderly and or disabled. When people stand they tend to be a much livelier crowd. Keep the ceremony short so that people don’t get too antsy.
  5. Nix the photo booth just set up a photo station with a backdrop and let the wedding attendees go crazy. This is a sort of DIY type of set up. Guest have a ton of fun with those disposable cameras that are left sitting out for the taking. The random array of wedding photography you will end up with will be exciting and unpredictable. Some of the best wedding treasures come from these spontaneous moments.
  6. Don’t spend a ton of time or money on party favors. They always get left behind and tend to go to waste. Offer some edible treats or small drinks that the wedding guests can share, trade, or enjoy. A late-night drink or snack can go a long way at a wedding celebration.
  7. Use mismatched arrangements. This is so much more cost-effective. You can buy random wedding arrangement pieces anywhere you want. It’s super trendy to use mismatched centerpieces and displays nowadays. This will make you look like you hired a high-end L.A. based designer to help assemble the wedding arrangements.


It makes sense to save money on your wedding day. The end result can be just as elegant and beautiful as someone who spends thousands of unnecessary dollars on their big day. Either way is acceptable but sometimes people want to save money for the honeymoon or some other wonderful part of their new lives. Each financial decision you make for your wedding day just ask yourself is there a shortcut for this and if so is it worth it to me.