Catering for Events

Onsite or Offsite Food Catering for Events

Catering for events, let’s be honest, the food served at a wedding reception can either make or break the celebration. It’s truly a big deal and one of the highlights of the party. So, deciding whether to use an onsite catering service available through your venue or hiring offsite is the big question. There are pros and cons to choosing either, so here are some fun facts to help you decide.

  1. Fees on Top of Fees

If you and your fiancé have your hearts set on hiring an outside caterer, be prepared for added fees. Many event catering companies will charge a delivery fee if they cook the food off-site of the wedding location. These fees can quickly add up to hundreds of dollars or more, depending upon distance. When considering your budget, don’t forget to ask what the TOTAL price will be, including delivery fees.

  1. Extra Dues for the Basics

Spending money on a delivery fee makes sense to some degree. We’re used to those charges based on ordering pizza delivery and Uber Eats alone. But unfortunately, many Glendale weddings end up costing more because of added catering fees. Some places even charge a cake-cutting fee or tag on hundreds of dollars for glassware and silverware. Since your guests will need forks and plates, be sure to ask if those are included in your package. Onsite catering will handle the logistics of place settings, glasses and more, plus it’s typically included in the price.

  1. Your Local Diner Probably Won’t Work

So, your first date was at your favorite restaurant and they offer takeout and catering. How cute would it be to order food for your reception from such a special place? As nostalgic as it sounds, most restaurants are not prepared to cater for a large wedding. They typically don’t have the manpower or resources needed to make it happen. Consider what they use for packaging and the fact that they may not keep the food at the proper temperature. Unless you’ve read reviews saying their catering process is flawless, skip the idea altogether. There are both in-house and outside catering companies that specialize in wedding receptions and crush it every day.

  1. Looks Aren’t Everything, But . . .

Sometimes there are bumps in the road – literally. So, when catering companies drive several miles to Glendale halls, accidents happen. It’s rare, but cakes can topple over, entrees can get smashed and things can spill. When the food is finally presented, occasionally it looks like it’s been through a war. And even if the meal looks pretty good, it may not be hot enough anymore. There are definite risks to both the appearance and temperature of the food when using offsite catering.

  1. Practice Makes Perfect

Life before a wedding is hectic but you should make time for a final walk-through. Discuss the layout and logistics with the wedding coordinator and caterer. Point out your seating design, where the cake is going and your ideal service timeline. If you’re providing multiple courses and have assigned entrée selections, it’s even more complicated. An offsite caterer will likely need more direction since they’re not used to the venue layout. Using an in-house caterer, such as MGM Banquet streamlines the process. Our team is known as one of the best catering companies in Glendale, CA.

Catering for Events

Again, determining whether to hire onsite or offsite catering is a major decision in planning a reception. There are many factors to consider before making the choice that’s right for you and your fiancé. If you would like to learn more about how MGM Banquet can help make your day as flawless as possible, contact us today. We specialize in Glendale weddings and offer a variety of cuisine types to enhance your reception. Click here to schedule your appointment.