wedding halls in los angeles

Luxury weddings, unlike normal weddings, are far more expensive and include a number of additional features. Longer guest-lists, formal wear, and specialty decorations are just a few of the things that couples splurge on, along with luxury banquet halls.

That begs the question: what makes a wedding venue luxurious? There are many ways to decorate a venue, but luxury demands that the bride and groom take things a little further than normal. Here are just a few of the ways to make a banquet hall wedding a luxurious one:

  • Emphasis on the details. Where other weddings might forfeit luxury items like fine china, engraved wine glasses, and heaps of flowers in favor of the venue and food, luxury weddings spare no cost for perfection. The wedding will feature everything from lavish chairs to opulent decorations.
  • Average weddings might lightly follow a specific theme, luxury weddings often go all-out in every way possible. Invitations, napkins, wine, and even dancefloors might feature the couple’s personal touches.
  • Table centerpieces are a big part of table decoration. While a simple vase and flowers can suffice, many luxury weddings get really creative with fanciful columns of flowers, sculptures, and candles.
  • Extravagant favors. Guests often receive small gifts as a personal thank-you for attending the wedding. These favors can range from heartfelt cards to small trinkets. For luxury weddings, they might include vintage gifts, high-end give-a-ways, and entire gift-bags full of beautiful name brand goods.
  • Wedding displays can be the perfect place for photo shoots. They can also add a touch of class and decadence to a wedding venue and give guests something to remember. These displays can include large chandeliers, statues, and even custom-made backdrops.
  • Elegant venue. To accommodate a longer guest-list, luxury weddings will invest in a large, ornate venue. These venues will be marketed as luxury wedding halls in Los Angeles and will offer luxury features. For example, MGM Banquet Hall can provide a luxurious wedding experience as well as catering, mood lighting, and drapery.

A luxury wedding involves more than just money. A lot of meticulous planning and design goes into the creation of this type of wedding. It takes a special kind of visionary to make everything fit together but choosing a venue early can help simplify the process. There are hundreds of banquet halls in Los Angeles, many of which are perfect for an elegant wedding.

After you’ve decided on your guest list, it’s a must to take a tour of potential venues. Visiting the banquet halls in-person can give you a good idea of what you and your planner are working with, and help you choose the final location.

If you have a specific theme in mind, make sure your venue is large enough to support it. Staff will be happy to answer questions and help you determine if their hall is the right one for you. You can also browse their offered service, which can range from in-house catering to DJing.

Once you’ve booked a venue, you can truly begin designing how your reception will look on the day of. From customized cutlery to specialty tablecloths, your luxury wedding will be perfect.