LA Wedding

For many, the meticulous planning of their wedding takes the fun out of their big day. It takes time and effort to plan a wedding, and it’s harder to enjoy yourself when you’re busy focusing on what’s out-of-place.

To avoid the frustration of booking venues, buying florals, and finding reliable rentals, many people are letting wedding planners handle the complexities for them.

To simplify the process even further, many wedding planners have devised plans to help themselves and their clients hammer out their weddings in an hour or less. This reduces stress and anxiety for everyone involved and makes it easier for the wedding planner to arrange everything in a timely manner.

Finding the Right Wedding Planner

There’re a thousand wedding planners in Los Angeles, but only a handful of them are capable of crunch-planning an LA wedding into an hour. To do their job, they’ll need help. They should have a database of connections for reputable banquet halls in Los Angeles, reliable caterers, and go to rental services.

They’ll also need some assistance from the happy couple. While many wedding planners have options and ideas on hand, they need guidance to determine what will be best for you. Many planners will provide rapid-fire examples and ideas, so be ready to make some quick decisions.

Choosing a Venue

Whether you go with a cheap banquet hall or a massive, luxury venue, it’s important to know what you’re choosing from. Recommendations and precursory Google searches can help identify potential venues, and you might be surprised at what you can actually afford.

While some venues are extraordinarily expensive, you might be able to find a luxury banquet hall in LA that is within your budget. Some of them also offer catering and rentals, so you can make multiple decisions at one time.  

Dealing with the Details

A good wedding planner will have contacts that can provide rental services, catering, and floral arrangements. They might also have information on local entertainment, decorations, and props for your wedding.

In many cases, they will provide you with a list of noteworthy options that you can choose from, and they’ll handle the rest.

While you’ll speak to your wedding planner multiple times after the initial planning session, the wedding planner will arrange everything for you. They’ll visit the venue and discuss prices, double-check the flower arrangements, and even deliver your wedding playlist to the DJ.


With a good wedding planner, the you’ll only have to provide the necessary information. From there, they will make sure everything flows smoothly on your big day.


While many gung-ho couples choose to handle their wedding themselves, many more are choosing to hand off the responsibility to someone else. This reduces stress and allows them to focus on enjoying their wedding, and the planner already has information on the best wedding services in the area.


A trained professional has the experience and know-how to plan a wedding quickly and effectively, and they’ll already know what venues in LA are worth checking out.