How to Plan a Sweet 16 Party

Plan a Sweet 16 Party (quinceaneras)

If your little girl is nearing her fifteenth or sixteenth birthday, you may be wondering how to plan the party of her dreams. In the Glendale, CA area there are plenty of options when it comes to Sweet 16 parties and venues for quinceaneras. There is a great deal to consider before such a milestone event. Below are five tips to consider if you’re planning a quinceanera and sweet 16 style party for your daughter.

#1: Book Your Venue Early

To make this day momentous and special for your loved one, try to plan it the weekend before or after her actual birthday. In order to ensure that is a possibility, you may have to book popular venues 6-8 months in advance. Be prepared to put a deposit down at this time to secure your reservation. And if you wait too long, you’ll likely scramble to find an appropriate venue to host your soiree.

#2: Fine-Tune the Guest List

Take careful consideration in making sure all the right people make their way onto the guest list of your party. If you have an enormous number of friends and family ensure the quinceanera venue or sweet 16 venues is large enough. If not, you’ll have to sit with your teen to narrow down the guest list to true VIP’s. The birthday girl will have to separate her “best friends” (those who MUST attend) from the sheer acquaintances. Although this may be challenging, it’s a necessary evil in planning a special celebration within your means and size.

#3: Mail Out Invitations

You never get a second chance to make a first impression. With that being said, be sure the invitations set the tone for your party. Coordinate the invitations to tie in the theme of the actual party. This may include its colors or the actual theme, such as a Hawaiian Luau or Galaxy Gala. Additionally, try to send your birthday party invitations out no later than 4-6 weeks prior to the big day. If you’re inviting people from out of state this will help them clear their calendars, purchase a ticket and plan accordingly.

#4 Rent a Sweet Ride

Generally speaking, most 15 or 16-year-olds have never seen the inside of a limousine. To make your special girl’s party unforgettable, rent a stretch limo, Hummer or party bus for her and her best friends. Giving the birthday girl and her special guests an unchaperoned ride to the event in style will make them feel like VIP’s! After all, this is one of the most unique and unforgettable days of her life, so pull out all the stops and allow her to feel like a rock-star.

#5: Just Right Refreshments

As most parents can attest to, teenagers eat a ton of food! Don’t worry about high-end fancy dinners when it comes to this celebration. Choose teen-approved foods that can be eaten while walking around, mingling and dancing. Think pizza, nachos, churros, popcorn, and other types of finger foods. This is better for your budget and will keep the troops happy for the entire event. You might even want to add “mocktails” to your planning list and hire a bartender to whip up fancy, nonalcoholic drinks for your guests. The birthday cake and cupcakes should also be fun and tie into the theme of the party, and candy stations are a hit too.

When looking for the best quinceanera venue near me or planning a stellar sweet 16, keep MGM Banquet Hall in mind. We are excited to help make your little girl’s dreams come true and to answer all the questions you may have. Reach out to us anytime to learn more or to schedule a tour. Our expert planners are happy to assist you:  (818) 500-0875.