How to Book a Banquet Hall

How to Book a Banquet Hall

Choosing the perfect venue for whatever the special occasion may be is essential to the success of any party. For those planning their first big celebration in a banquet hall, there are a few things to keep in mind. Just because you’ve searched online and found a few banquet halls near me, does not mean they’re all created equally. One Glendale banquet hall can be completely different than one just down the road. Below are five easy steps to keep in mind when it’s time to book a banquet hall for an event.

Step 1. Select a date for your event. The first question you will need to be able to answer is what date you’re looking to book. Have a few additional backup dates in mind in case your first option is unavailable.

Step 2. Do some research online to learn more about the venue by visiting their website. Also, review their social media channels, like Facebook and Instagram. Yahoo or Yelp reviews may be helpful too. You’ll likely be able to look through prior event photos and testimonials online. You may even find prices of event packages, specials and more.

Step 3. Jot down a handful of questions that you may still like to have answered. For instance, can you recommend catering companies Glendale-wide? Or does your venue have onsite parking? Do you have a house band? Etc. . . .

Step 4. Reach out to the venue directly. You can call, email or swing by in person after making an appointment. Visiting the venue itself and meeting its crew will give you a better idea of what to expect. However, be sure to narrow your list of wedding venues near me down to a manageable number first. Each visit will take nearly an hour of your time, so be selective before driving around town.

Step 5. After you’ve toured each place on your list, it’s time to book your event. Many times you can choose to book your celebration on the spot, so remember your checkbook or credit card. Some venues will give you a discount if you book it on the day of your tour. You’ll want to be prepared to leave a deposit, especially if your venue is in high demand.

Again, before settling on any booking agreements, you should take the time to visit the venue in person. Be sure to discuss your plans and visions for the event with the staff and management team. Finally, always check online for reliable customer reviews to ensure the setting you choose is reliable and worthwhile. When looking for banquet halls in the Glendale, Cali area, MGM Banquet Hall should be top of mind. We’ve hosted thousands of events since 1990 and can help you orchestrate the celebration of your dreams. Reach out to us today to learn more or plan a tour by calling (818) 500-0875.