funny cake topper ideas for weddings

Funny Cake Topper Ideas for Weddings

If flowers, hearts, and ribbons are too traditional and cliché for your wedding cake design we have other ideas. There are plenty of other unique ideas to choose from to help display more personality on your special day. Below are just a few ideas to spark some creativity in your mind before deciding on a fun cake topper.

Wedding Cake

Prior to heading to your favorite local bakery and ordering a wedding cake is whether you have a special theme. For example, if you’re hosting a beach-themed wedding, then the cake should also share the same motif. There’s a wide array of cake toppers that’d work for a tropical wedding. Ideas like:

  • The couple riding a wave on a surfboard
  • Jumping into the water with a banner that says, “Diving into our Happily Ever After!”.
  • Pink flamingos
  • The newlyweds fishing off a pier
  • Sitting on beach chairs overlooking a sunset with cocktails in hand

Think about what you enjoy doing with your partner, or perhaps where your honeymoon will be, and go from there.

Your Fiancé

Another idea to base your cake topper upon is a common interest you share with your fiancé. Do you both have an affinity for Disneyland or old movies? You can easily transfer those pastimes into the perfect funny cake topper. If your significant other proposed in Story Book Land, wouldn’t it be magical to include a Snow White wedding cake topper on your cake? Or if your first date was at a local drive-in movie theater, that image can easily be recreated in fondant and placed atop your wedding cake for the sake of nostalgia. Think about meaningful dates or fun vacations you’ve taken together for a spark of creativity when choosing your topper.

Wedding Cake Topper

Something else to keep in mind when deciding on a fun wedding cake topper is a shared interest and passion for sports or certain teams. There is a multitude of angles you can go with regarding sports and cakes – whether you’re into bowling, golf, basketball, baseball or football, a local baker can accommodate your love for athletics with a number of fun cake toppers. There are also a variety of ways to show a divided interest in favorite teams by splitting the cake down the middle and decorating one half with Raiders-themed gear and the other half with Chargers paraphernalia, for example.

Superhero Style Cakes

Finally, if you really want to go big, bold and colorful there are several superhero style cakes and toppers you could choose from. From Superman to Wonder Woman, Captain America and more, this theme is perfect for Marvel or DC comic book fans and can really come to life on a multi-tiered cake. On the same hand, those who love playing video games together can utilize an array of really fun characters from popular games, such as Super Mario Bros., Pac Man or Legend of Zelda on their cake – whatever common interest brought the happy couple together and has meaning behind is a novel idea for a fun cake topper.

Regardless of what you choose, a wedding cake topper, when executed correctly can be a showstopper and focal point at your reception. So, take your time, jot down a list of your hobbies, interests, and passions, and then discuss your ideas with a highly recommended baker in your neighborhood so he or she can bring your vision to life.