Five Steps of Planning a Quinceanera for twins

Five Steps of Planning a Quinceanera for Twins

Double the joy and double the fun, but when it comes to planning a quinceanera, having twins may be a challenge. Oftentimes, twin girls will grow up with very similar tastes, personalities, and friends. However, there are cases when even though the pair looks identical, they couldn’t be more different. Below are some things to consider when planning a quinceanera for a set of twins. MGM Banquet Hall in the Glendale, California area is an expert when it comes to getting every last detail right for special occasions, such as this.

Step 1. Factor out a budget and do your best to work with whatever the total is. Remember, just because you’re planning a party for two, doesn’t mean you need to double your budget. You’ll still choose one local banquet hall, one DJ or band, so on and so forth.

Step 2. Once you’ve researched event venues near me and selected the perfect location, secure your date. Understandably there isn’t much wiggle room in reserving the date since you’re celebrating the 15th birthday. The most you’ll have is the flexibility of about a week, typically the weekend before or after the actual birthday.

Step 3. Select your party theme. This is where planning may become a struggle. If your girls are very much alike, pick one theme and color scheme. If they are polar opposites you’ll have to get creative.  There are bakeries that will create half-and-half cakes that are decorated differently on both sides. Or if your budget allows, you may opt to purchase individual cakes and treats for each girl. This is sometimes a better option when the preferred colors and themes for the birthday girls are diverse. You can also split the venue in half if decorations and color schemes are totally contrasting. If that’s not an option, allow each girl to choose a few aspects of the theme her heart is set on and work on blending them cohesively.

Step 4. Saying yes to the dress isn’t just for weddings. The beautiful, extravagant dresses worn on quinceaneras are a huge decision. Allow each teen to show her own style and personality by choosing her own dress. The twins may have matched their outfits when they were babies and toddlers, but a quinceanera is a time to display individuality. The same goes for how they want to style their hair and makeup on the big day. For parents, it may be difficult to let go of the idea of having them match from head to toe. However, a quinceanera is welcoming your little girls into adulthood and the dress and shoes are a big part of that equation.

Step 5.  Selecting the court is also something that will be slightly more complex in dealing with twins. One method is to allow each young lady to jot down a list of boys and girls she’d like to participate in her party. Once they’ve written down their selections, compare the list, and those who are on both papers are automatically in. The slots remaining should be split in half so each girl has a say in who else joins the court.

There are plenty of factors to consider when planning a quinceanera for two. But ensuring that each teen is heard and her ideas are incorporated into the event is paramount. When looking for banquet halls in the Glendale, Cali area, MGM Banquet Hall should certainly be top of mind. We’ve hosted thousands of events since 1990 and can help you coordinate the party of your dreams. Please reach out to us today to learn more or plan a tour by calling (818) 500-0875.