The Perfect Banquet Hall

The Perfect Banquet Hall

Dozens of important decisions will be made between the magical moment you say, “Yes” and the unforgettable day you walk down the aisle. The happy couple will carefully choose between wedding colors, types of flowers, flavors of cakes, styles of dresses, the honeymoon destination and so much more. One of the biggest, and undeniably, most significant decisions of them all, is finding the perfect banquet hall to host an unforgettable wedding reception.

Before beginning the search for a banquet hall in your neighborhood, or your destination of choice, there are five key factors to keep in mind.


First, will you be hosting an intimate affair for just family and close friends? perhaps you will be inviting everyone in your phone’s contact list and then some? Having an approximate headcount in mind is crucial in choosing the perfect banquet hall. If you have only fifty people in a banquet hall with a capacity for 300 guests it’ll look empty and unappealing. however, if you invite 300 guests to a hall that is far too small there won’t be room for everyone to sit, dance or enjoy the festivities. When choosing a banquet hall, bigger is generally better. Experts can always adjust décor and seating arrangements to accommodate your party size when it’s smaller than what the room typically holds. There’s not much that can be done if it’s the other way around. MGM Banquet Halls in Glendale, California seats from 50 to 300 guests in beautifully appointed rooms.


Location is the second most significant decision to make when choosing a wedding venue. Once you’ve selected the city you’d like to host your reception in, map out a five to ten-mile radius of that area to help narrow down your search. Next, when visiting banquet halls in Burbank or perhaps even nearby Pasadena banquet halls, decide if the location you’re touring is easily accessible. Ask yourself whether your guests will struggle to get there on time because the venue is isolated with limited travel options or if their journey is a breeze because of convenient access to nearby freeways, major roads or boulevards. Ideally, there should be several routes that can be taken to the venue in the case of an accident or road hazard that redirects traffic. MGM Banquet Hall in Glendale has four different entry points making it both easy and convenient for guests regardless of the time of day, construction or any other unforeseen events.


The next items on your checklist go hand-in-hand: Interior design and amenities. It’s of the utmost importance for your banquet hall to be sophisticated, updated, clean, well maintained and functional. Additionally, you’ll want to look for special little touches that other venues may not include in their packages. At MGM Banquet Hall, for instance, guests will be treated to a:

  • Custom Bar
  • Tiled Marble Foyer
  • Brand New Wooden Ballroom Flooring
  • Brand New Glamorous White Dance Floor
  • Customizable State of the Art Lighting
  • Personalized Bridal Suite and Changing Room
  • Custom Head Table


Finally, the last item on your checklist should be budget. Have an agreed upon the number in your heads that you’re both comfortable with and stick to it. The perfect banquet hall will be one of the priciest expenses in the planning of your dream wedding, but it’s also the most significant in making the event a success. If you have any questions or would like to visit MGM Banquet Hall in Glendale, California contact us today.