Double Quinceanera

Double Quinceanera

Celebrating a fifteen-year-old girl’s birthday is a big deal in Hispanic cultures. The quinceanera is a lavish, over-the-top celebration to mark the young lady’s transition into adulthood. There are normally fancy layered dressed, tiered cakes, live bands and choreographed dances. The celebration is steeped in tradition and observed throughout Mexico and in the United States as well. However, the latest trend is worth raising a glass to – the double quinceanera.

For many young girls who turned 15, a quinceanera simply wasn’t possible for financial reasons. The average quince costs several thousand dollars, which is an astronomical figure for many families. Other young teens may have still been in a Tom Boy phase and not feel comfortable wearing a big, poufy dress. The list goes on and on as to why young Latina girls may have missed their quinceaneras at 15.

On the other hand, there are those who did celebrate with a huge party complete with a banquet hall, live music, and catered food. For that group, the memory of their fifteenth birthday is one of the highlights of their entire lives. It may have been the last time they had all of their friends and families under one roof for a special occasion.

In any case, the latest trend sweeping the nation is celebrating a ‘double quinceanera’ for a thirtieth birthday. This gives women who missed the opportunity to have an outrageous quinceanera a chance to experience it this time around. It also allows ladies who want to relive the special moment again another night of being the center of attention.

The celebrations for thirtieth birthdays include extravagant dresses, a court of friends and family, choreographed dances and more. Many women choose to plan their own parties now that they’re able to afford it and do it their own way. The best part, some say, is that since everyone is grown up, drinks can flow throughout the evening, in lieu of fruit punch. Those who rent banquet halls for the party have complete say in decorations, color schemes, music, food, and the guest list. At 15, oftentimes many of the details were left in the hands of parents and other adults. Women at 30 have the ultimate say in exactly how the festivities will play out from A to Z.

In some cases, the birthday girl chooses a retro vibe and tries to replicate the style of music, décor, and dresses that were popular 15 years prior. Others choose a modern or unique way of celebrating their 30th. There really is no wrong way to plan a double-quince after all. Whether it’s another chance at getting it right or the first time around, it’s a night the birthday girl will never forget.

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