Creating a Great Wedding Website

Like everything else that has changed over time, weddings have seen their evolved counterparts over time – wedding websites or wedsites. In order to create a great wedding website, it is important, to begin with understanding the concept of a wedding website and why is it important to have one. A website designed specifically for a wedding is basically an efficient way of organizing all things related to the wedding and making them available online. Wedsites include wedding invites, information about hotels, and they can track RSVPs. Most sites also offer an ‘about us’ section to let the attendees getting to know the bride and groom a bit better. What better way to keep it organized, right?

For all couples getting married in Glendale, California, start taking notes as we discuss ‘how to create a great wedding website’!

  1. Venue Information
    Start off by buying a domain name for the website. Make sure to include all relevant venue information for your wedding. Try adding Google maps so it’s easier for guests to locate the venue. Check out for inexpensive online website design. 
  1. Invitations
    Gone are the days when people would go around town giving out invites in hand. Enter the digital age! Take advantage of the cost-effective way of sending out your E-vite wedding invites through your website. Design an eye catching wedding invite and easily keep a track of all of the RSVPs in one place. Be thankful you will no longer have to rely on RSVP’s that have been sent back via USPA. Now you can simply link up the RSVP to your website and keep track of it all in one place.
  1. Your Story
    Let people know who you are and how you met by adding your ‘falling in love’ story to your website.
  1. Gift Registry
    Link the gift registry to your website to make it easier for your guests to get you exactly what you need on your wedding day. Make sure to add number of gift options for all price ranges. This way you don’t have to fake a smile while receiving that random gift that you’ll never use and would have never wanted.
  1. Your Own Wedding Countdown
    Make the day all happening by putting up a countdown till your wedding day – which would also serve as a reminder to guests!
  1. Weather Tracker
    Weather is one thing no one can possibly control so putting a weather tracker will allow you and your guests to come prepared in case there is unpredictable weather.
  2. Wedding Photos
    Yes! After it’s all done share your memories with your loved ones on you website! No more waiting for pictures that never come. You can also put a secret code to protect your photos!

Those are most of the ingredients you will need to have a perfect wedding website!