color ideas for your wedding

Color Ideas for Your Wedding

People’s eyes are naturally drawn to vivid colors. While the pale, pastel aesthetics of many weddings are tried-and-true favorites, many couples have used various color schemes to make their wedding decorations pop.

However, there’s a whole rainbow to choose from, because of that it can be difficult to come up with seamless, complementary color palettes. These color ideas will give your wedding a memorable aesthetic and give guests something to remember about your decor.

  • If your California wedding hall has a lounge area, try decorating the couches or chairs with colorful pillows. Furniture usually comes in neutral tones, so throwing a few colorful pillows onto the cushions will draw guests’ eyes and tie up your wedding aesthetic.
  • Bridal shoes. Who says you need to go with white or black shoes? Putting a colorful pair of heels under your dress will give your wedding ensemble a dash of color and personality.
  • Potted plants. Flowers will likely be the main source of decor for your wedding, but potted plants can add another layer to the aesthetic. Along with the deep, vivid colors of the plants themselves, the pots can also be painted to match your wedding theme.
  • Welcome signs. Signs are present at almost every California wedding reception. They can introduce the couple, direct guests, or just welcome people to the wedding. A colorful frame or painted sign can draw the eyes and serve as a great backdrop for arrival photos.
  • While balloons might seem more like a birthday party thing, they can be a bold touch at weddings too. Giant balloon installations can fill space in large venues or sit on the water if your venue features a pool or pond. Balloons come in all colors and sizes, so there’s no limit to what you can do with them.
  • Your table centerpieces will be the center of attention — literally. Your guests will be facing them during the entire dinner celebration, so you might as well make them stunning. Brightly-colored flowers, geodes, vases, and candles can make wonderful centerpieces.
  • Chair decor. Many cheap weddings in California use ghost chairs or neutral-toned seating. Adding flower sashes, ribbons, and colorful pillows can tie your guests’ chairs into the theme and complete the table’s appeal.
  • Napkins and glassware. While clear glass and white napkins might seem like the typical wedding choice, that doesn’t have to be the case. You can replace the entire ensemble with vividly-colored cups and napkins, or layer in a few colorful accents as part of your theme.
  • Bridal bouquet. The bouquet is usually the first thing that brides customize, and colorful bouquets aren’t a new concept. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t come up with a unique design. Put together a complementary color palette, or just add a few exotic flowers.

The classic white/metallic color scheme might not fit with certain couples’ personalities. Adding color could be the solution. Whether the wedding features bright pinks or deep, vivid greens, every wedding can benefit from a solid color scheme.