classic wedding trends

Classic Wedding Trends That Have Lasted

There are certain classic wedding trends that withstand the test of time. For the happy couple who isn’t into the latest fads and prefers simplicity and tradition, there are options abound. Some wedding ideas are so elegant and perfect they’ll remain timeless, no matter what. Planning a classic wedding means your pictures won’t look dated when you reminisce over them in a decade. On the other hand, the latest bright colors and over-the-top themes will scream “2019” in a few years. Here are some ideas to implement into your reception when you want to keep it classy and unforgettable.

Romantic Color Palettes

Banquet halls for weddings play host to every imaginable color palette for receptions. From bright pinks and purples to rainbow themes and neon yellow, it’s all been done before. If you’re looking to keep it elegant and understated, you can opt for more than just blush and white. There are two color schemes that always work, regardless of the decade. Red and white or blue and white are tried and true winners. The pop of color from either color is subtle and beautiful. It can be incorporated into the flowers, bridesmaid’s dresses, napkins, invitations, cake and more. With either red or blue, you won’t run the risk of the color going out of style in 20 years.

Piece of Cake

If you really want your wedding to remain timeless and elegant, the cake will play a major role. Today, many couples opt for brightly colored, off-the-wall designs. Some even have figurines of themselves created with fondant on the top, which is cute, but trendy. To keep your reception from being laughed at in 2030 for being “so 2019” is a white, multi-tiered cake. This doesn’t mean it can’t be beautiful and creative, because it can. Decorating with flowers and subtle pops of the red or blue color you’ve chosen will keep it from being boring. Buttercream and white cake is the ultimate classic wedding cake. Red velvet is trendy and fruity fillings are fun, but again trendy. Your local bakery can steer you in the right direction when you tell them your vision.

The Playlist

Is it even a wedding if you don’t slow dance to “At Last” by Etta James? No, we didn’t think so either. Be sure the band or DJ you hire is instructed to play the classics. Sure, it’s fun to dance the night away to the latest pop and hip-hop hits, but not for everyone. Consider your parents and older relatives when choosing your songs. You can’t go wrong with Elvis, the Beatles, Elton John, Barry White, and Aretha Franklin during receptions. Ask the band or DJ before hiring them how they intend to make everyone at the celebration happy and dance to the beat. Most banquet halls near me choose one type of genre and stick to it. This is great for those who love country music or rap, but not too fun for everyone else.

The Exit

Keep your exit classic and nostalgic by leaving the reception in an old limo or classic car. Tie cans to the back to really play into an old-school unforgettable exit. If you’re looking for something a little more whimsical, a horse-drawn carriage never fails to do the trick.

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