When planning a wedding, send out digital invites. You can have an artist create the digital invite and then click a button and off it goes. This approach is professional, seamless, and cost-efficient. You will not regret using the wonderful digital world for this time-saving wedding tip. RSVP on your website not on a reply […]

No one child is immune to little meltdowns that’s for certain. There are sure-fire ways to entertain kids at your wedding. With the proper preparation, these episodes can be minimized. Weather can play a roll in the options a person is able to offer wedding guest and their children. Our list is based on wedding […]

best man wedding toasts

Let’s talk best man wedding toasts After All, They Are Special Some of the best wedding toasts we have heard have been funny and simple. The best man wedding toasts are an important moment and sometimes a pivotal one for the entire event. This special day is supposed to be full of elegant, funny, emotional, and […]

So you’ve been invited to a baptism or christening. This is a huge honor! If you have never been to one it may bring an element of stress or intimidation. This is a religious gathering and you might want to know if you should bring a gift or not. If a gift were expected you […]

In 2016 the average wedding cost was $36,652. The average amount spent on weddings over the last 5 years, according to The Wedding Report, was: In 2016 venue, catering, and wedding rentals had the following average prices: Ceremony Officiator $247 Event Accessories $378 Event Bar Service $2,747 Event Food Service $5,398 Event Location $4,170 Event Rentals […]

Celebrating a young girl having her 15th birthday, guiding her from girlhood to womanhood, is why the Quinceañeras was created. The Quinceañera, quinceaños, quince años, also referred to as quince is both a religious and a social event that focuses on family. The tradition started in Mexico, the Caribbean, and Latin America. The birthday is […]