Banquet Halls for Weddings

Banquet Halls for Weddings:

No two weddings are alike. Your choice of music is like the unfolding of a unique song line. The perfect song weaves together the different stanzas of the ceremony around the chorus of two people falling in love. 

At MGM Weddings, we’ve heard wedding songs that span the full range of emotions. We have seen songs that light up a ballroom hall in spontaneous jubilation or bring everyone to instant tears. Curating the right list creates a place for it all. 

The Best Choices of Wedding Songs:

The best choices of wedding songs are united by an immediate sense of recognition. The soulful opening strains of Eric Clapton’s “Wonderful Tonight”, may evoke breathtaking intimacy. Busting out Beyoncé’s “Crazy in Love” for the first dance signals it’s time to let loose.

The staff at our banquet halls, Los Angeles, Ca, cater to all tastes and are sensitive to what songs are meaningful to the couple, to the bridal party, the respective parents, and to the individual bride and groom.

Our Top 10 Wedding Song List:

Whether choosing more traditional songs or opting for a hopelessly romantic or even whimsical soundtrack to run through the big event at our banquet halls for weddings, we can help inspire your choices. Here are 10 classic wedding songs to strike the note-perfect accompaniment for the big day.

1. “Thousand Years” by Christina Perri

“I have died every day waiting for you”: A beautiful expression of finally finding that long-awaited love backed by a gorgeously lush piano and grand string arrangement.

2. “All Of Me” by John Legend

“Love all your curves and all your edges, all your perfect imperfections”: John Legend’s piano ballad is a poetic tribute to the thrill and magical disorientation of falling in love. It’s sensuous and personal – just right for the first dance.

3. “What a Wonderful World” by Louis Armstrong

“They’re really saying I love you”: This classic is perfect for a father-daughter dance, with Satchmo’s iconic rasping voice communicating beauty in the midst of the sorrow of sweet partings.

4. “You Raise Me Up” by Josh Groban

“I am strong when I am on your shoulders. You raise me up to more than I can be”: Groban’s powerful vocals connect heaven and Earth in a song of humility and deep gratitude. Wonderful for couples who recognize the strength they draw from one another.

5. Crazy in Love” by Beyoncé

“Cause I know I don’t understand just how your love can do what no one else can”: Beyoncé’s pop masterpiece is so infectious, we dare anyone not to dance. Uh oh, uh oh, uh oh, oh, no, no. Impossible.

6. “Signed, Sealed, Delivered, I’m Yours”: Stevie Wonder

“Then that time I went and said goodbye, now I’m back and not ashamed to cry”: Sometimes we lose someone just to find we can’t live without them. Stevie’s breathy scream at the beginning signals pure celebration.

7. “Wonderful Tonight” by Eric Clapton

“And the wonder of it all is that you just don’t realize how much I love you”: Clapton wrote this about waiting for his future wife Patti as she tried on clothes while getting ready for the evening. There’s domestic bliss in the simplicity of his adoration.

8. “Photograph” by Ed Sheeran

“Loving can heal, loving can mend your soul”: Ed keeps it real while elevating commitment and the enduring love of a long-term relationship. A lifetime together is contained in this one song.

9. “I Gotta Feeling” by The Black Eyed Peas

“I gotta feeling that tonight’s gonna be a good night”: Pure pop silliness about a night on the town that appeals to the pure silliness in us all. And, yes, tonight’s gonna be a good, good night.

10. “Feels Like Home” by Chantal Kreviazuk

“There’s something in your voice makes my heart beat fast, hope this feeling lasts, the rest of my life”: An unabashed tear-jerker that achingly echoes the sense of belonging found with that special someone.