Average Cost of a Wedding Venue

Average Cost of a Wedding Venue

Did you know the average wedding in the United States costs more than $33,000? If you happen to be getting married in California and are planning a Glendale wedding or something in the Los Angeles area, you are going to pay even more – approximately $10,000 extra, on average. So, keeping budget in mind there are several key items to look into when booking a wedding banquet hall to get the most bang for your buck.

First of all, the venues you plan on visiting ahead of your special day will be the priciest ticket of your reception, generally accounting for around 45% of your entire budget, or approximately $13,000. This fee does include quite a bit aside from the use of the venue. Most will come with amenities and perks that are built into the charges, but each wedding banquet hall will provide slightly different options, as well as various tiered-packages to work with all price points.

For a basic dinner at the lowest price, a buffet-style feast is the most affordable way to go. If you want to opt for something slightly more elegant, some banquet halls have an in-house caterer that can offer guests plated meals ranging from chicken and pasta, on the more reasonably priced side, which would range from about $30 a plate, to steak, salmon or lobster for an additional price that can run closer to $100 a plate. For couples who have a set budget in mind, cutting costs even further can be achieved by providing only complimentary soft drinks, coffee, and tea for your guests. Having a cash bar is not for everyone, but it is one surefire way of reducing costs significantly. If you’d like to pick up the bar tab for your guests, another possibility is to select a handful of domestic beers, a white and red wine, and a signature cocktail or two – this tends to be extremely more economical than providing an open bar with unlimited types of high-end drinks for partygoers.

Other factors to consider when planning the costs of a wedding venue are the day, time and season of your wedding. A spring wedding on a Saturday afternoon will cost far more than a January wedding on a Thursday night, for example. Savings of two to three times can be obtained by choosing an off-peak date and time for your special day. The choice between a popular live band or a DJ will also factor into the overall wedding costs; however, some venues may have an in-house DJ or a band that can be calculated into the package price.  Banquet halls’ wedding features are totally diverse and should be carefully explored before making a final decision. Some venues charge extra for things many couples wouldn’t normally consider, such as a cake-cutting fee, or even charges for tables and chairs, plus a significant service fee on top of the base rate.

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