Looking for a venue to host your next big event or party? At MGM Banquet Hall in Glendale, CA we know how important it is when it comes to throwing a fabulous celebration and impressing your guests. With our advanced modern lighting and sound, we ensure that all of your presentation and conference needs will run smoothly. But that’s not all. We have many fantastic features to make your party grand.


We made many updates to the banquet hall and have much more in store for your guests. Here are some of our most recent additions.


You won’t need a hotel room to get ready, because we are equipped with a fully functioning bridal suite with private dressing chambers. Invite your entire bridal party along to prepare and be treated with our divine catering and a television equipped with state of the art cameras so that you can see your guests arriving.


Built into the hall so that you don’t have to rent one, our head table is spacious to accommodate you and your floral decor. A white, shining design will make your photos pop and perfectly accents any color and style of decor for your event.



Draping can cost thousands of dollars to add to your event, but MGM Banquet Hall has added luxurious draping in the ballroom. Standard with every event, this decadent sweeping addition is the perfect complement to every event type and theme.


Available in different colors we can help you find the perfect accent to your theme, from the linens to your centerpieces.


Our new dance floor is the perfect contrast to the head table and beautiful draping, and offers a flexible design that will fit every kind of event.


We have a built in bar that can also be transportable to fit in with your floor plan. The talented team of experienced mixologists will craft delicious signature cocktails designed with you in mind and personalize them with names of your choosing. We’re happy to keep the party flowing and can also provide mocktails to delight guest of all ages.

The event management team at MGM Banquet Hall is the finest around and is happy to provide their expertise to answer questions and provide planning tips and ideas.

If you need to host a fabulous soiree or a corporate meeting for your organization we are open during the day to help you plan a seamless event. You won’t have to do much other than show up and we’ll pick a simple menu or give you a great feast before the night starts. Or if you want to party during the day we’re here for you too. All of our features are available for every guest and our team can help you figure out what works best for you.

We can’t wait to hear from you! Call (818) 500-0875 for more information or to schedule an appointment.

Excellence in catering every occasion.