6 Activities for a Wedding Party Near Glendale, California

6 Activities for a Wedding Party

If you’re planning a wedding reception in the city of Glendale, you’re in for a treat. Glendale, just outside LA, used to be celebrated for its remarkable mall and shopping. Though, today it’s recognized for so much more. Glendale is quickly making a name for itself as the place to visit if you want to try something a little unique and different. The city is surrounded by gorgeous scenery in every direction. Your loved ones can enjoy hiking, biking and plenty more while they’re in town for your wedding.  If you’re getting married near Glendale, CA, here are six exciting ideas to share with friends and family:

  1. Shop ‘til you drop – Swing by Brand Boulevard, which is known as the main drag in Glendale. This is the place to go shopping! There’s a plethora of eclectic stores, local book stores, cafes and more to peruse. If your loved ones still need wedding attire, they can pick up a tuxedo or glamorous dress here. There are evening wear shops among some of the other trendy shopping options in the Brand Boulevard area. This makes for a great way to spend time with family and friends, or for them to find your perfect wedding gift!
  2. Picture Perfect Park – Traveling and weddings can be stressful. Encourage your friends and family members to relax before or afterward. Nature enthusiasts will love the views at Deukmejian Wilderness Park. One of the most noteworthy features of the park is a McFall Oak, which is 200 years old. It’s the perfect opportunity to snap a selfie while getting some fresh air. There are several paths, such as the two-mile Dunsmore Canyon Trail that ends with a stunning view.
  3. Visit an Amusement Park – Universal Studios in Hollywood is a short drive and worth the visit! It is one of the oldest and most famous Hollywood film studios still in use to this day. “The Entertainment Capital of LA” was initially created to offer tours of the real Universal Studios sets. This location is the first of many full-fledged Universal Studios Theme Parks located across the world. There are thrilling rides, tasty treats and tons to see and do for the whole family to enjoy.
  4. Trek to the Theatre – More specifically, The Alex Theatre, built-in 1925, is something of a powerhouse in the Glendale area. The theater once was a vaudeville house back in the day before being converted to a single screen theater. Following a period when live shows were no longer performed, the theater has now gone back to its vaudevillian roots. Nowadays, your friends and family can find live performances to enjoy. The shows include musical theater, symphony orchestras, ballet recitals, and even film screenings.
  5. Enjoy the Arts – For your out-of-town visitors who enjoy art and history, the Roslin Art Gallery is the place to be. It will educate your loved ones about Armenian art and the history of the Armenian people in Glendale. The gallery is named after Toros Roslin and it is passionate about promoting little known Armenian art to the public. Roslin was a renowned painter of illuminated manuscripts dating back from the middle ages. Today you can see both modern and classical pieces at the gallery while learning about Glendale’s roots.
  6. Treat Yourself – A day filled with shopping and sightseeing will leave visitors hungry. Send them over to Porto’s Bakery. This Glendale staple is a Cuban bakery famous for producing delicious freshly baked goods every day. Some of the local favorites include croissants, turnovers, and empanadas. However, if you can visit during lunchtime, they’re known for making one of the best Cuban Sandwiches in the Glendale/LA area.

So, whether your friends and family members are into beautiful scenery, ample shopping, and entertainment, or delicious foods in Glendale, there’s plenty to do. Help them enjoy the days surrounding your wedding and make the most of their time in sunny and beautiful California. If you’re searching for a wedding venue near me to host your celebration, please reach out to MGM Banquet Hall. We’re happy to help you make your wedding day dreams come true. Call: (818) 500-0875 today!