craziest quinceanera dress

Choosing a quinceanera dress to celebrate a quinceanera is one of the most exciting aspects of the entire celebration. Brides tend to stick to shades of white traditionally, but for a 15th birthday, the possibilities are endless. Most dresses for a quinceanera are a solid vibrant color, like pink, blue or purple. However, five of the quinceanera dresses below are a mixture of colors, patterns, and designs that are crazy, to say the least. Your quinceanera dress should reflect your personality and make you feel beautiful. The jury is still out on the dresses below – take a look and see for yourself:

1 Suddenly Craving a Watermelon Margarita

quinceanera dressesLet’s be honest, how can you look at this gown and not think “watermelon?” The design of the dress itself is beautiful, but these colors should not be used together. If the green portion were black, white or even a different shade of pink, this would be a winner. However, as it stands, the dress is a no-go, unless the party is watermelon or fruit-themed. *Shrug*







2 Channeling Your Inner Cruella Deville

quinceanera dress

There’s not much you can say about this dress without conjuring up images of Cruella Deville from 101 Dalmatians. Again, the gown design is quite elegant, but the black and white strips are too “evil villain” for our taste. On the flip side, the dress is whimsical, with a touch of floral and zebra print. So, all of your bases are covered if you can’t decide on a concept for your gown. Had the tulle remained a solid black or white, this one would’ve been a hit and not made this list.





3 Rainbow Brite Has Entered the Building

craziest quinceanera dressesWow. Just wow. This dress is extremely colorful and fluffy, to say the least. It has a traditional Latin feel, but the rainbow-layered tulle is over the top. If the quinceanera is a bubbly, vibrant young lady who loves color, then go for it. Otherwise, this dress is too youthful “Rainbow Brite” and not enough “welcome to womanhood” for this special day.




4 Ladybug Lovers Unite

craziest quinceanera dressThe common thread for many of these quinceanera dresses is they remind us of other objects in the world. This dazzling red and black combo screams “ladybug.” The corset top is stunning and the tulle is unique, so the style works. Unfortunately, adding black spots to the bottom of the gown makes it look like she is a real-life ladybug. Solid black or red tulle would’ve definitely turned this dress into a showstopper.






5 Halloween/Quinceanera Combo?

quinceaneraWe’ve seen some unique dresses pass through quinceanera banquet halls in Glendale, California in our day. However, the one above would’ve definitely taken the cake. Unless your Quinceanera is actually on, or within days of Halloween, this gown simply misses the mark. Orange and black scream Halloween as it is, but adding leopard print to the mix is mind-boggling.

Overall, choosing the perfect quinceanera dress is a pivotal decision in the party-planning process. The five above are bold, unique and borderline crazy, to some degree. When it’s your party you get to call the shots – but we’d suggest asking for second opinions to be safe. There are several Glendale halls ready, willing and able to accommodate guests for quinceaneras and other celebrations. Reach out to MGM Banquet Hall for more information or to schedule a tour of our incredible facilities today.