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5 Mistakes to Avoid On Your Wedding Day

Your big day is a momentous occasion, but it shouldn’t be overwhelming. Forewarned is forearmed. Here are some mistakes to avoid.

Not delegating (and trusting)

There are so many moving parts to a wedding at our Banquet Hall in California, and every element from hors-d’oeuvres to the DJ may seem critical, but if the bride tries to micromanage the actual day of her wedding, she can miss out on the precious unscripted moments that make the moment magical. A stage-managed photographer, for example, might get all the mandated album shots, but it’s those unguarded moments that capture the essence of the celebration. Let the camera be candid. Think: the riotous grin of the best man, the head was thrown back in gales of laughter, or the confetti-strewn bridesmaid catching the flower girl before she slips. Learn to release the reins of control. The trusted staff at Banquet Hall, Glendale love nothing more than taking any unnecessary burdens off your hands.

Getting carried away with social media

There’s a place for instant communication but your online channels also offer some temptations that are best resisted, lest you create a quasi-media event with tacky overtones. Despite your excitement, remember to tell your guests to not take photos with their phones during the ceremony or reception at your wedding venue in Glendale (it’s a wedding, not a rock concert). Better to give extended family and those loved ones who couldn’t make it first access to the happy photos, rather than letting the footage go viral. And when it comes to that, if you do post, keep the hashtag straightforward, not quirky or humorous. Why? Because classic is classy. If you are going to hire a quality venue such as Glendale Banquet Hall, it makes sense to set a tasteful tone for your wedding.

Falling victim to emotional triggers

First things first. One of the most oft-repeated refrains for the nervous bride and groom is to go easy on the champagne. No one intends to drink too much on their wedding day, yet a combination of stress, forgetting to eat, the plentiful availability of alcohol, and the long day (and night) can add up to a few flutes too many and some frayed nerves. At our Banquet Hall in California, we love our families too, of course, but realize they also know how to press all our buttons, so try to stay clear of emotional triggers. Keep your confidantes close, so they can chaperone you around danger – including guests who want to monopolize your time – and listen to you vent if necessary. It’s also not the time to pick a fight with your beloved. It’s your wedding day, after all.

Letting the speeches run on and on and on…

The toasts are what everyone remembers, for good reasons and ill. However, allowing too many people to speak during your reception at Glendale Banquet Hall runs the risk of grinding the momentum of the reception to a halt. Your uncle does not need to regale the audience with anecdotes. We also recommend the groom gives his speech a dry run before the big day, to ensure he gets the balance right between graciousness and gravity as a new husband. It is not out of order to request that the best man, in particular, does not mention the groom’s exes or engage in juvenile humor. We can feel the awkward silence from here.

The special wedding hairdo

This may not be the best time to experiment with a faddish new style or try a fresh range of cosmetics. Apart from tempting fate with things that could go horribly wrong, everyone is expecting to see the bride they know and love in her full bloom and elegance. You do not want to stand out for all the wrong reasons. Incorporating a professional make-up artist at our Banquet Hall in Glendale into your budget is a wise investment. They know the different lighting you will be exposed to throughout the day – and the number of people you will be hugging and kissing – so their expertise will be vital. Whether or not you engage a professional, by keeping it classic, your photos will stand the test of time.