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2020 Color Schemes for All Seasons  

If you’ve recently become engaged and are planning the wedding of your dreams in 2020, congratulations! Before you start ordering bridesmaids dresses and picking out bouquets, here are some color schemes that will be popular next year.

Winter Wedding

Cool temperatures, snowcapped mountains and romantic dinners by the fire make a winter wedding hard to beat. In 2020, experts are predicted various shades of blue to be trending. According to Pantone’s list, the name of the shade of the season is “Purist Blue.” This blue is gorgeous, rich and works well for men, women, and children. Pairing it with pearl and silver accents will make for an elegant winter wonderland. Another color expected to make its presence known this winter is a shade of purple called “Cassis.” Think of a deep eggplant jewel tone, fit for royalty and that screams sophistication. Cassis looks great with fresh greenery and paired with pale pinks.

Spring Wedding

Sunshine, flowers and incredible temperatures set the tone for beautiful spring weddings. This year, you can expect an appearance from “mellow yellow.” This shade is light, playful and mimics the feel of a gorgeous sunrise. The yellow can be paired with deep greenery in bouquets and table settings. It also plays well with gold accents and wooden tables and chairs. Those looking for a more modern feel may choose to pair mellow yellow with a matte black and pure white. Another shade that will be popular this coming spring is known as cantaloupe. The light orange, if you will, is soft, sweet and rejuvenating. The color looks great on all types of skin tones and as spring-like as it comes. The color can share the stage with pearl white and deeper shades of orange or green.

Summer Wedding

To quote Olaf in Frozen, “Some people are worth melting for.” And for those who are hosting a wedding in the hot summer months of 2020, that just maybe the case. In order to keep a cool vibe at hand, the color of next summer is known as “neo-mint.” This pastel bluish-green is clean, subtle and simply cool. It makes for a flawless shade to pair with a beach-themed wedding. Adding seashells and hints of sand-like colors complete the look effortlessly. Another way of accenting cantaloupe this summer is with ever-popular rose gold. The metallic rose effects can be added to vases, table settings and light fixtures in some cases. Rose gold shoes are even available for bridesmaids to dance the night away in.

Fall Wedding

Cool, crisp air and golden leaves on the ground create picture-perfect fall weddings. For those getting married during the fall of 2020, there is one color palette that stands out. Pantone refers to it as “Golden Hour.” When it comes to fall, this color scheme pays homage to the simple beauty of nature. The palette is a blend of modern, typically traditional colors with a twist. Think “autumn sunset” and you’ll have a good idea of what you’d be working with. Plus, adding some pale gold or metallic copper as a highlight truly enhances the palette’s appeal. Decorate with these fall colors, simple pumpkins and bales of hay to make an outdoor or country-themed wedding flawless.

When it comes to weddings, parties, or even a quinceanera venue, trends will continue to change. In 2020 prepare for bright, bold colors, extravagant flowers and live music in most circumstances. At MGM Banquet Hall Glendale, California, we stay ahead of the latest styles and fads. To learn more about what we have to offer or to tour our venue, please contact us today at (818) 500-0875.