Banquet Hall Website

What Should I Look for on a Banquet Hall Website?

A simple Google search of “banquet hall near me” will pull up dozens of potential venue prospects. However, when sifting through each banquet hall website there are a few factors you should make note of. Not all venues are created equally, and many noteworthy differences can found when looking at websites. Below are a few suggestions to keep in mind when you’re narrowing down the search for your next banquet hall.

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

In 2019, it goes without saying that a reputable banquet hall should have high-quality photos on its website. If you click on the site and there aren’t many images highlighting the venue, keep looking. A solid banquet hall, Los Angeles area or otherwise, will showcase the best it has to offer. You should be able to see an area for dining, for dancing, a bar if available, and more. Be sure the pictures are clear and updated. A website lacking in this matter may be hiding some flaws, so proceed with caution.

Don’t Take Their Word for It

Between Yelp, Yahoo, and Facebook you won’t have to look far to find reviews of any banquet hall. However, a good venue will have a section on its website with actual testimonials from satisfied past customers. Take some time to read about their experiences and be sure they sound like happy campers before moving forward. There may also be a section with staff profiles and experience for you to take a look at. Generally, a venue that’s been around for many years is doing something right, so look for an ‘established in’ date.

Amenities Worth Bragging About

When you visit a hall’s website, there should be a tab or section discussing amenities. This area will provide insight into all the logistics you’ll need to know about. Some venues will discuss catering options, in-house kitchens, bar and wait staff, décor, lighting, seating and more. Be sure to carefully review this section to see if it meets the needs of your next party. Also, look to see how many people the venue holds. If you’re hosting a reception for 500 and the banquet hall holds 300, you’ll need to move onto the next.

Contact Me

Again, there are dozens of websites featuring banquet halls in your area. Look for ones that have clear, updated contact information. There should be a phone number, email address and even a “book now” option handy. If you have to do too much digging to locate this information that is not the best sign. You’ll want to be working with people you can quickly and effectively communicate with to coordinate this event. If you reach out to a venue and they don’t answer or return your call within 24-hours, keep looking.

In the end, you can tell quite a bit about a banquet hall from visiting its website. The photos are one of the main sources of information to look for. But delving deeper and taking the time to read each section is important as well. This is no small feat, of course, but if you’re working on planning a special event, it’s crucial. If you have questions for us at MGM Banquet Hall, feel free to reach out at (818) 500-0875.