things to do in Glendale California

MGM Banquet Hall is the premier destination in Glendale, CA for any type of event that you will want to host. Here are just a couple of event types that MGM Ballroom specializes in.


One of the most notorious events for any banquet hall is a wedding, and if MGM knows anything, it’s the way around a wedding. This wedding venue in Glendale, California is the perfect location for the finest of weddings, with over six thousand square feet in its possession. Because the ceilings are tall and the draping elegant, this becomes a prime location for photos on your special day—have a wedding banquet that is classic and elegant.


For this golden year of life, MGM has a way to make your celebration happen exactly the way that you and your family dreamt. Even every cocktail can be customized to the person of the hour! For Quinceaneras, look no further; allow MGM to provide the best service for your little girl. Get a few nonalcoholic options that match the theme of the party. If you’ve got your own ideas, those can be incorporated as well.

Corporate Events

If you’re looking for a space for your big corporate event, then know you’re in the right hands. Whether it’s merely for a luncheon or for something more grandiose, you’re good to go. MGM will put together a menu, depending on how simple or extravagant you may need it to be.

Bridal Showers

Bridal showers are hard work, and planning them is even harder; allow MGM to do it for you. There are various things to consider when planning a bridal shower; to name a few: the guest list, a theme, party favors and a location. Therefore, it’s imperative to find good sources that can provide the best services. With MGM Banquet Hall care of the monumental burden of finding a good location. Not only that, but MGM will also organize the event to the theme of your choice—no matter what you may like, we will execute it to a T.

If you aren’t yet convinced, check out the MGM Banquet Hall website to get all of the great details of this wonderful venue. You won’t be disappointed.

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