wedding dance floor ideas

Wedding Dance Floor Ideas

After the altar, there’s only one place to go: the dancefloor! A wedding dancefloor is a place for guests to have fun, and where the couple will share their first dance as newlyweds. While the wedding playlist can be curated and adjusted at a moment’s notice, the dance floor requires a bit more planning.

Before you and your guests can begin dancing, it’s a good idea to toss around dance floor ideas with your wedding planner. Like everything else about your wedding, there’s a lot of fun to be had while brainstorming ideas. Here are seven ideas to get you one step closer to your the dance.

  1. Moss dancefloor. Rustic, creative, and perfect for an outdoor wedding! This might take a little more effort to achieve, but the final product is definitely a memorable one. It pairs well with nature-themed weddings and offers some great photo opportunities.
  2. Dancing on water. With some custom acrylic flooring, your venue’s pool can become your wedding’s dancefloor. You and your partner will be walking — or dancing — on the water all night long. You can even throw some waterproof lights or glowsticks into the water for added effect!
  3. Strung up with love. String-lights aren’t hard to come by, but they can transform any dancefloor into something magical. They’re low-effort decorations that can be put up both indoors and outdoors, and there’s nothing quite like dancing under the starry lights.
  4. Desert dancefloor. Despite its reputation for being ruthless, the desert is undeniably beautiful. Capitalize on that by placing your dancefloor somewhere overlooking beautiful scenery. Scatter some cacti and succulents around for added effect and enjoy the warm summer as you dance the night away.
  5. Your names in lights. You and your partner are the stars of your wedding, so put your name up in lights! Neon signs and marquee letters can be customized and arranged to spell out your names, and they can serve as the perfect backdrop for your dancefloor.
  6. Tented dancefloor. A ceiling installation can transform your venue into a grand tent. Guests will be amazed by the view when they look up, and the draping linen gives the illusion of a fairy-tale setting. Combine this with hanging ivy, garland, or even lights for a truly magical experience.
  7. Dancing with the stars. Speaking of ceiling installations, hanging stars can add depth and excitement to your dancefloor. Putting them above everyone’s heads gives the illusion that they’re dancing under the stars, only they’re closer than ever before.

Wedding dance floor ideas aren’t hard to come by, but they are fun to learn about. These are just a few ideas to get you and your wedding planner inspired. You and your guests will be spending a lot of your time on the dancefloor, so why not add a dash of creativity to the experience.

Whether you’re slow-dancing with your partner or busting a move with your bridesmaids, there’s no limit to the fun. Combined with a hit playlist, a well-decorated dancefloor will serve as the location for some of your fondest memories.