wedding cake topper ideas

Wedding Cake Topper Ideas:

Before you cut the cake, you have to admire the topper. The decoration will be the first thing you and your guests notice about the cake, so adding a bit of flair is a common practice. There’s plenty of wedding cake toppers that might appeal to you and your spouse-to-be, but you might want a more unique option for your special day.

Want something that reminds you of how you met? Something that pertains to your professions? A funny cake topper? There’s no end to the number of toppers that are available, so here are seven ideas to get you started on your search for the perfect one.

  1. Beach cake topper. Planning a tropical honeymoon, or just prefer sand over pavement? There’re hundreds of beach-themed cake toppers out there, from kissing dolphins to barefoot couples. You can even create edible sand by sprinkling brown sugar across the top of your wedding cake.
  2. Fairytale cake topper. Your wedding should be your dream come true, and a fairytale topper can give your cake the dreamy feeling it needs. There’s a topper for every story, whether it involves knights in shining armor, a castle, or a romantic boat ride.
  3. Comical cake topper. If you’re always dragging your husband away from his work, or he’s always dragging you away from the clearance rack, there’s a ton of comical toppers that will give your guests a laugh. No matter your vice, you can find a cake topper that represents it.
  4. Customized cake topper. You can get your names together, a ‘Mr. and Mrs.’ design, or a Happily Ever After. Many stores and sellers online do custom wedding toppers, your imagination shouldn’t be limited.
  5. Sports cake topper. Like marriage, sports are something you do together. For couples that enjoy being active together, there’s no better choice than an athletic topper. Whether you ski, play basketball, or even fish together, there’s a cake topper or hundreds for that kind of self-expression.
  6. Disney cake topper. No-one does romance better than Disney, and every couple has a Disney movie that they love. Whether you’re his Cinderella or the Lady to his Tramp, there are hundreds of cake toppers to choose from!
  7. Dancing cake topper. Before you take a spin on the dancefloor, your cake topper can let guests know how much you two love busting a move together. Dancing cake toppers can feature romantic dips, tangos, and even square dancing.

These are just a few of the cake toppers available, especially online. A quick search can reveal thousands of custom and pre-made wedding cake toppers, and many artists can be commissioned for custom pieces.

You can match your cake topper to your venue or theme or buy one that caters to your shared interests. Even geeky topics like superheroes and video games make great cake topper themes. Your wedding should be a memorable event for both of you, so make sure to choose a topper that reflects the real romance in your relationship!