wedding aisle decor

Wedding Aisle Decor

The aisle is a vastly underappreciated part of wedding decor, and wedding planners are aiming to change that. It’s one of the centerpieces of a wedding and deserves the same amount of attention as the reception planning. That being said, it can be difficult to brainstorm ideas for unique wedding aisle decor.

Ribbons, linens, and flowers are traditional for a reason — they just work! However, brides and planners alike are always aiming to put a new spin on an old idea. Here are some aisle decor options to consider, and how they can make your aisle come to life.

  • When surrounded by flowers or put together in small groups, candles offer the perfect aisle decoration. Vary the height and color of the candles for increased effect, but make sure the walkway is wide enough for the bride to venture down it safely!
  • If candles are a bit too risky for your taste, lanterns can be the perfect alternative. Encased in glass, the fire is much less of a threat, and lanterns offer a classic, antique look.
  • There’s nothing quite like dark ivy and crisp white. Live ivy plants can be placed leading up to the altar, so the bride can follow the vines as the makes her way down the aisle.
  • For southwestern weddings, this is an obvious choice. Cacti go great with cool, desert shades, and the variety of species gives you a lot of options while decorating. Not to mention, cacti pair perfectly with succulent place markers!
  • Persian rugs. Rugs are a BoHo trend that made quite a mark. Lining the walkway with Persian rugs can add a dash of deep color, culture, and classiness to the aisle. For a bride, it’s like walking down the red carpet — only far more sophisticated.
  • Potted plants. Plants and flowers are staple wedding decorations, but using live, potted plants on the aisle is a newer trend. The pots can be wrapped in fabric, and different plants can be used to create a unique theme.
  • Forest aesthetics are charming and ethereal, and ferns play into that. Paired with white chairs and flowers, ferns can offer a natural contrast. However, an outdoor aisle decorated with wooden benches and ferns can transform a wedding venue into an enchanted forest.

Wedding aisle decor is one of the best parts of the wedding design, and the aisles should be a significant part of the wedding experience. The bride makes her way up the walkway engaged, and comes back down married, and a wife. This is a memorable moment on its own but being able to decorate your wedding aisle puts a significant personal touch on the experience.

Not to mention, these are just a fraction of the possibilities! You and your wedding planner will probably discuss hundreds of ideas before your final decisions are made. The potential of your wedding decor is endless, so don’t be afraid to start brainstorming.