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Southern California weddings:

Weddings are expensive — that’s common knowledge. Many vendors, caterers, and florists will even mark up their services if you mention that you’re hiring for a wedding. While your big day deserves some special attention, it doesn’t mean it has to drain your savings account. There’s still the rest of your life to plan, along with your honeymoon.

If you’re having trouble getting dresses, hiring entertainment, or finding banquet halls in Los Angeles, California, there are solutions. Here are a few ideas to shave money off your wedding costs, while still managing the day of your dreams.

  1. Enlist friends and family. Have an amateur photographer for a sibling? Does your family know how to cook? Does a friend have DJ equipment? Instead of hiring, ask them for help. They can offer their talent in exchange for wedding gifts or cash donations.
  2. Trim your guest list. While it might be tempting to invite everyone you know, it might be best to stick with friends and family. Make sure to cut your guest list ahead of time so you can avoid hurt feelings of those that might not make the final cut.
  3. Skip the tailors. Bridesmaid dresses can be wildly expensive, especially if you have them custom tailored. Try hitting some department stores with your bridesmaids and pick out dresses according to your theme. It can be a fun day out, and you’ll save money in the process.
  4. Scout out local talent. If you’re having trouble finding photographers, musicians, or DJs, try scouting out local colleges and universities. Many of these students will be happy to work your wedding at an affordable rate, and it will give them something different to add to their resume.
  5. Use family-owned restaurants for catering. Many local businesses will be happy to cater for you if you ask ahead of time. A wedding is a special occasion, and it also gives them a chance to spread the word about their restaurant.
  6. Offer to advertise. Many DJs, chefs, and photographers will agree to discounts if you advertise for them. Pass out their cards to your guests or make a custom flyer with the names of all the services you used. This word-of-mouth marketing is good for them and might attract future business.
  7. Search for banquet halls in California. Many of the top banquet halls in California can be found online and offer great deals for venue rentals.
  8. Plan ahead. It’s much easier to find less expensive options when you start searching early. Otherwise, you might be forced to use more expensive options simply because you waited too long.

To avoid spending big money, many people have learned to plan southern California weddings on a budget. There’s a number of ways you can cut costs without forfeiting your dream wedding, and many of them can be done painlessly. You don’t have to give up your honeymoon to afford the wedding, and you don’t have to skip the venue to afford the caterer. Plan ahead, and don’t stress out too much!