Wedding Cake Toppers Glendale California Weddings

Wedding Cake Topper:

While you and your partner will definitely be the center of attention, your wedding topper will be the center of your cake! The cake topper will also make appearances in a handful of important photos such as the cutting of the cake photographs. That’s reason enough to put a little effort into choosing one that fits the wedding’s aesthetic as well as you and your significant other.

Like all decisions during the planning process, choosing a wedding topper might feel like a challenge. There’s a lot of pressure to choose the perfect one. This is supposed to be one of the most memorable and well-documented days of your life so chose wisely.

Don’t feel stressed, though! Here’s a quick rundown on how to pick the best possible wedding topper for your cake.  

  • Try picking one that has meaning for both of you. Did you fall in love over the course of a few dozen hikes? Are you both teachers? Were your fondest memories shared during a trip? There are hundreds of themed wedding toppers, so you’re bound to find one that strikes your fancy.
  • Highlight your histories or heritages. Our hometowns and heritages can become integral parts of our identities. Combine silhouettes of you and your partner’s home states or countries with your initials for a romantic, meaningful cake topper.
  • Use a family heirloom as a topper. Your “something borrowed” can find its place on top of your cake. If you or your partner’s family has a meaningful object, it can act as an elegant and personalized wedding topper.
  • Opt for a flower topper. If you’re having trouble finding a themed topper, or just aren’t a fan of ceramic figurines or cut-outs, flowers are the solution. Many wedding cakes — and weddings in general — already have flowers everywhere, so they’ll look right at home on top of your cake.
  • Light up some sparkler toppers. If you and your partner are adventurous, sparkler toppers will add a bit of whimsy to your cake. They’re easy to use and mostly safe. Make sure to keep any flammable fabrics far out of reach!
  • Animal cake toppers. If you and your partner are animal lovers or share a fondness for one particular animal, animal toppers are an easy choice. You can even make elegant DIY toppers by spray painting plastic figurines black, gold, or silver.
  • Pop-culture toppers. Are you and your significant other video game fans, sci-fi nerds, or comic book geeks? You’re bound to find a cake topper that shows off your love for each other and your interests!

Cake toppers are a great way to highlight fond memories, shared interests, and aesthetics you both enjoy. From elaborate, ceramic displays to cut-outs taped onto wooden sticks, all cake toppers are there to draw attention to the couple, their history, and their love. It’s the perfect opportunity to display something meaningful about your relationship.

Regardless of what you put on top of your cake, guests will remember the meaning behind your topper more than the ornament itself. And after you cut the cake, the only thing on their minds will be how to get their hands on a slice!