1. Let the wedding cake chill before you start to wrap it
    You will want to let the cake harden before you prepare it for storage. Make sure you leave all the leftovers in the refrigerator until the icing and the cake feel sturdy. Wrapping the wedding cake when it’s sturdy is much easier.
  2. Remove any of the decorations that your cake came with
    It will be important to remove all of the decoration the cake came with so that you can wrap it before putting it in the freezer. The purpose for this is to make sure no airflow can get under the wrapping. The smoother the cake the easier the wrapping and less chance of it spoiling. Some decorations get soggy when they are left on the cake. Take the decorations you want to keep and store them somewhere at room temperature.
  3. Double up on the wrapping
    The more the better here. A single coating around the cake is not enough. Use plastic wrap for the first time around. Press the plastic into the frosting and fondant. Make sure you wrap the cake at least two more times with plastic and then with foil after that. The foil will assure that nothing from the freezer gets into the wrapping of the cake. You should use at least two layers of foil around the plastic.
  4. Remove any cardboard from under the cake
    Put something besides cardboard under the cake. Cardboard does not taste good later and it does have a smell and taste to it. Try a plate or some foil to support the bottom of the cake. Think about the smell transferring into the cake or getting soggy, use something sturdy and odor free.
  5. Keep in mind there will be other foods in your freezer
    Smells like to travel from one thing to another. You’ve all taken a bite out of something that was in the freezer for a long time and it had that freezer flavor to it… let’s avoid that. If it’s wrapped correctly and sealed properly the smells from the other items in the refrigerator won’t take over. Keep in mind; you can always throw a box of baking soda in the freezer to absorb any smell or flavors.
  6. Think about what your post-wedding plans are
    It’s good to consider if you will be moving during your first year of marriage. If so, you might want to consider leaving the cake in your parent’s refrigerator to avoid any unnecessary defrosting incidences. Keeping the cake frozen until you plan to enjoy it. Keeping the cake frozen until you want to eat it is as important as keeping the flavor protected.
  7. Some cakes store better than others
    One thing to keep in mind when selecting your wedding cake is that an oil based cake is going to last a bit longer than other kinds. You can talk to the baker about your desire to save the top tier of your wedding cake they will know what kinds will preserve better. Cakes that are fluffy and full of air tend to dry out faster.

How to defrost the cake:

  1. Remove from the freezer and put in the refrigerator overnight.
  2. Remove from the fridge, unwrap, and leave it at room temperature for five or six hours.
  3. Eat it and enjoy.