5 affordable wedding ideas

5 Affordable Wedding Ideas The average cost of a wedding depends largely on how many guests you invite, what time of year you choose, and the location of your wedding. For couples getting married in Los Angeles, finding a venue within your price range can be a difficult task. There are a few ways to […]

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Luxury weddings, unlike normal weddings, are far more expensive and include a number of additional features. Longer guest-lists, formal wear, and specialty decorations are just a few of the things that couples splurge on, along with luxury banquet halls. That begs the question: what makes a wedding venue luxurious? There are many ways to decorate […]

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Southern California weddings: Weddings are expensive — that’s common knowledge. Many vendors, caterers, and florists will even mark up their services if you mention that you’re hiring for a wedding. While your big day deserves some special attention, it doesn’t mean it has to drain your savings account. There’s still the rest of your life […]

wedding cake topper ideas

Wedding Cake Topper Ideas: Before you cut the cake, you have to admire the topper. The decoration will be the first thing you and your guests notice about the cake, so adding a bit of flair is a common practice. There’s plenty of wedding cake toppers that might appeal to you and your spouse-to-be, but […]

wedding halls california

Finding wedding venues in California can be difficult, especially if you’re on short-notice or a tight budget. However, your dream day deserves nothing but the best, and there are people that can help you achieve it. With proper help, you can be on your way down the aisle in no time. To help you get started, here are ten types of common wedding halls.

2018 wedding trends

2018 Wedding Trends Wedding planners are experts at keeping track of what works, and what wedding trends are coming in and out of style. While there’s no rulebook when it comes to following these trends, they can give you and your Glendale wedding planner some great ideas when it comes to designing your wedding. That […]