Big VS Small Weddings

Big VS Small Weddings

Planning the ultimate reception in your dream wedding banquet hall can be both exciting and confusing for many. There are dozens of details that must be decided upon leading up to the big day. One of the first choices to be made is whether you want to have a big, extravagant wedding or a small, intimate one. There are definite pros and cons to both, but once this selection is made the rest will fall into place much more smoothly.

Good things come in small packages

Let’s say you’re considering a smaller wedding, that’s great – there are plenty of advantages to taking this route. First of all, the budget plays a huge factor in wedding planning and there is a certain benefit to inviting fewer people to the reception where money is concerned. A smaller wedding list may also come with a smaller price tag since many event venues charge per guest. Another benefit is being able to mingle and interact with your guests. It’s much easier to chat with 30 of your closest family and friends than it is to visit with 300. If you’re a foodie and want a more extravagant menu to share at the reception, again it is more financially feasible to plan higher-end options with food and drink when the party is on the smaller side. Those who are planning DIY wedding projects such as table decorations and party favors, for example, will save time and money creating them for fewer people.  Small banquet halls in Los Angeles and its surrounding areas, including MGM Banquet Hall, will be happy to cater to the needs of a smaller party by using drapes or room dividers to take a large room and arrange them to the perfect size for your special celebration.

Go big or go home

On the other hand, this is the day you’ve been dreaming of since you were a child – why not make it the biggest party of your lifetime? There are some incredible facets to planning a grandiose wedding reception and finding the perfect banquet hall in your area. It will be much easier to invite friends, family, second-cousins, co-workers, childhood friends and more if you’ve decided to host a large wedding reception. With parents and in-laws also weighing in on the guest list, a big wedding reception is probably going to spare some arguments and hurt feelings along the way, while making everyone feel like he or she had a say in who is being invited to the celebration. Additionally, fewer reception guests also mean significantly fewer wedding gifts for the happy couple, which may be important in any strategy dealing with recovering some of your wedding expenses through the receipt of thoughtful, high-end gifts or more traditional cash presents. Finally, looking back on your special day after time has passed may leave you with regrets if you opted for a smaller-scale wedding, especially when attending the elaborate weddings of your friends in the future. The key really comes down to talking to your significant other, discussing your mutual needs, wants and desires for the occasion and keeping a budget in mind. When the moment comes to Google perfect “wedding halls near me”, first ensure you’ve decided upon the number you’ll be inviting to the party, then simply go from there. If you have any questions or would like to visit MGM Banquet Hall in California contact us today.