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Best Man Speech

It is quite an honor to be chosen as the best man in a family member or a close friend’s wedding. You’ll be front and center when the vows are exchanged and throughout the entire reception. As the best man, you have quite a few essential tasks to handle, the best man’s speech being one. Before you get started, you’ll have to decide what vibe you’ll be going for. Do you want guests to laugh, to cry, or a little bit of both? Depending on your relationship with the groom and your personality, you’ll have to decide what’s most appropriate for you. The next step is to start jotting down ideas for your big speech – preferably a few weeks before the wedding. Below are some best practices for writing the finest best man’s toast in town. And remember, enjoying a drink or two before the toast is okay – but a sloppy-drunk speech is a definite fail.

Step One

The opening line of your speech is all about setting the tone. If you fail to nail this, you’ve lost your audience before you’ve even begun. Generally, a funny joke puts everyone in the right mood. There are a few ways to approach this – traditionally, you’ll be speaking after the groom, so an insult about his speech or at his expense is always a winner. However, if you’re speaking after the bride’s father, then steer clear of that idea and instead go down the self-deprecating route. A line about how worried or unprepared you are is an easy way to get a quick laugh and earn the audience’s attention.

Step Two

Although it might seem a little obvious to introduce yourself, you should remember to do so. Clearly, the bride and groom know who you are, but distant friends and relatives may not. So breaking down how you met the bride and groom is a great way to add some substance to your speech. This is also a fantastic opportunity to pay some compliments to the bride and her bridesmaids. Pro-tip: Mention how beautiful all the bridesmaids look and how the bride is glowing for a surefire way to win over the crowd.

Step three

Take a jog down memory lane. Provide the audience with some anecdotes about you and the groom from your childhood or college days. Throw in a few jokes about how you never thought he’d snag a bride as amazing as the one he just married. Keep it clean and classy – but feel free to roast the groom every so often to keep the crowd laughing. Remember, the speech is about him and his new bride, not about you. Even if you’re not typically the most sappy or romantic guy in the world, now is the time to show that softer side. It’s okay to get emotional about this occasion and talk about your love for the happy couple.

Step four

Congrats! You’re in the home stretch now! The ending is where you summarize everything that you’ve covered in the speech. This is a great chance to circle back to some earlier jokes for a few more laughs. Leave your funniest jokes until now to ensure that everything ends on a high note. Offer some advice to the couple and wish them all the best. You may choose to read a quote, poem or even a reading about love from the Bible at this time. At the end, ask the audience and bridal party to raise their glass for a toast. This toast is the final touch of your best man’s photos, so take your time and make it heartfelt and memorable. Cheers! 

MGM Banquet Hall in Glendale

At MGM Banquet Hall in Glendale, we’ve heard some incredible best man speeches in the past 30 years. Our final piece of advice is to start with a bang and end with a big payoff. You’ll want to connect emotionally with the audience and take them on a journey. You’ll have about 10 minutes to remind everyone of how special this day is, and to make your best mate look good. Good luck! 

Feel free to reach out to us for additional tips on how to become the best best man in town. We’re also happy to provide the soon-to-be bride and groom on a tour of our gorgeous facilities in Glendale, CA. Call us at (818) 500-0875 to learn more.