Banquet Halls in California

Testimonial: Looking for Banquet Halls in California?

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Banquet halls in California are a dime a dozen, which comes as no surprise. California is one of the most beautiful states in the US, and it draws in plenty of people looking for wedding venues and event planning.

However, some California banquet halls have decor and scenery to rival the skyline and beaches. Whether you’re using a banquet hall as your primary venue or just to host your reception dinner, these three banquet halls have proven themselves as the best in California.

All three-offer catering, amenities, and a rich setting — making them perfect for your next event.

3. The Grand Pavilion Banquet Hall

If you’re hosting an event near San Jose, the Grand Pavilion is worth your consideration. While it is a two-hour drive from the big city, it may be worth the drive. The Pavilion is well-known as the best banquet hall in Sacramento, and one of the best in northern California.

For large events, this venue is ideal. The banquet hall alone can fit up to 700 people, and a number of services are included in their event package. From catering and entertainment to security, their price tag includes almost everything necessary for a luxury event.

2. De Luxe Banquet Hall

Located in Los Angeles, De Luxe has a reputation for doling out the royal treatment. They offer several venues, including a ballroom, upscale dining room, and an intimate lounge. The De Luxe ballroom can hold 420 people, making it the perfect place for a large wedding or birthday bash.

Their kitchens can provide hors-d’oeuvres, table service, or buffet-style catering. Both Mediterranean and American food is available, and the staff will work with you to provide the perfect menu for your guests.

1. MGM Banquet Hall

Heading this list is MGM, a banquet hall that has shown themselves to be dedicated to customer service and satisfaction. Voted as the best caterer and banquet hall in Glendale, California, a glance at their social media reveals a series of glowing reviews.

Their amenities include drapery, custom lighting, and a personal bridal suite and head table. They also offer catering in a number of styles, including Mexican, Mediterranean, and American.

Whether you’re hosting a wedding, a Quinceaneras, or a professional gathering, MGM offers the luxury and services needed for a successful event. MGM has undergone renovations to keep the decor up-to-date with recent styles, and their client list grows every year.

Finding a banquet hall in California can be time-consuming, especially if you’re considering places across the entire state. This list has narrowed it down to three potential venues, two of which are located in California’s biggest city.

From Sacramento to Glendale, California has much to offer when it comes to party planning. If you’re looking for a venue in the Golden State, consider these three first. Booking a reliable banquet hall can cover location and catering, along with much of your decor — saving you time, money, and energy planning your party.