creative proposal ideas

Creative proposal ideas

Listen up, guys. Yes, if we are following tradition, it’s still your job to pop the question (for a gender-reversal idea, read on). This is a once-in-a-lifetime moment and you want to get it right. So right, in fact, that you can’t fail but to seduce the magical ‘yes’ right from the lips of your fiancée-to-be. There is no template for the right proposal, just as your beloved is the only one for you, so here are seven creative proposal ideas to inspire your imagination.

  1. Giant cue cards

Bob Dylan made the idea famous in his video for ‘Subterranean Homesick Blues’, and the film Love Actually centered it on the unrequited passions of the character Mark for Kiera Knightley’s Juliet. Then there’s the ‘meme proposal’ from Tim to Audrey that has been viewed close to four million times on YouTube. Scripting a narrative on giant cards leading to the big question, with the judicious use of ellipses (dot, dot, dot) … builds the tension, employs humor, and – with the right soundtrack – combines just enough whimsy for one of the perfect romantic engagement ideas.

  1. Flash mob

Organizing a large group of apparent strangers to break out in song, in choreographed synchrony, offers the gift of open-mouthed surprise and has to be one of the most unique marriage proposals. Hire the actors or singers, or even a group of friends and family, to perform an ‘impromptu’ concert for your partner. Let the performance reach a crescendo with your sudden appearance and bended-knee proposal. The venue and event – on the train, at a restaurant, when leaving the house – is merely the backdrop to an unforgettable proposal.

  1. Propose to him

Given the near cultural taboo around women proposing to men, we believe this gender role reversal is one of the most creative ideas for proposing already! Consider the story of the woman who told Jezebel that she bought a top-of-the-line Leatherman multi-tool (it’s a Swiss army knife on steroids) as her ‘engagement gesture’. She employed a jeweler to stick on a small wing charm to the handle as her, ahem, engagement wing. He said yes, of course. Who could resist?

  1. Self-publish a book

If your belle has a literary bent, why not channel your inner Cyrano de Bergerac and pen a plot with the ultimate romantic denouement: a proposal? Build the narrative around the pivotal moments of your relationship, until the story arc demands nothing less than a resounding ‘yes’. De Bergerac is credited with introducing the word ‘panache’ into the English language, and here’s a chance to bring such flamboyance and reckless courage into the vocabulary of your proposal.

  1. Street mural

Another of our suggested unique marriage proposals is going to take some organization, but for sheer dramatic effect, a graffitied mural depicting you offering your hand in marriage is hard to beat. Get the permission of the building owner, hire an artist, and invite your date. The charm of this stylized tribute is sure to appeal to your love’s sense of urban cool.

  1. Amazing Race

Use the reality show as a fun pretext to deliver one of the most surprising romantic engagement ideas. Keep your friends in the loop to set up a couples showdown, complete with pit stops, detours, and sealed instructions for the different legs. The route could follow the landmarks of your relationship. By the finish line of this upgraded scavenger hunt, your intentions will be all but clear.

  1. Ain’t no mountain high enough

If you and your partner are outdoors types, climbing a mountain together may present the perfect metaphorical background to propose from among our portfolio of creative proposal ideas. Think: it’s just the two of you above the cares of the world, enjoying the rarefied air of your devotion and love. It’s a logistically tricky operation, especially with the vagaries of weather forecasting, but we think it’s worth putting your destiny in the laps of the gods.