creative wedding proposals

Romantic Wedding Proposals

Coming up with creative ways to propose to the love of your life is something that should not be taken lightly. The perfect wedding proposal can be the most romantic gesture you’ll ever make – so take your time and plan accordingly. Whether you want to go big and over the top, or keep it classy and subtle, we have five suggestions below:
1. Photo Booth Proposal – If you want to ensure the moment you pop the question is frozen in time, a photo booth is ideal. You can find photo booths almost anywhere, including county fairs, shopping centers or the bowling alley! Regardless of where you decide to go for it, the moment will be captured forever. Plus, the look on your future fiance’s face will be priceless and easily shared with loved ones afterwards. The photos could even be incorporated into your “save the dates” or wedding invitations for an added bonus.
2. Up, Up and Away – For the romantic, plan a special hot air balloon ride at sunset for your significant other. You can propose while hundreds of feet in the air, or plan a special landing. Have friends help arrange rose petals and candles in the shape of a heart. And it doesn’t hurt to add champagne and music for when you touch down on land. Either way, it’ll be hard to say no to such a romantic gesture and remembered forever.

“The Ballgame”

3. Take me out to the Ballgame – We’e all seen it done before, but it really is a fun and bold proposal. If you and your sweetie are avid fans of a sports team, pre-arrange to propose on the Jumbotron. They can work with you on how you’d like it done, and customize it to your liking. But combining a shared pastime with a heartfelt proposal is a combination that can’t be beat.
4. Scavenger Hunt – For a couple who loves adventure, puzzles and having fun, a scavenger hunt may be the route to take. This proposal will take a bit more time and energy but will be worth it in the end. You will write clues and lead your love through a maze of scattered clues to locate. At the end of the search, you’ll be found on one knee with ring in hand. Be sure to invite friends and family to witness the big moment, or at least have a photographer handy.
5. Happily Ever After – If you’re even remotely computer savvy you can easily make a movie of cherished memories. Start with older photos from when you first started dating and move chronologically forward from there. Set the photos to ‘your song’ for an added touch of romance. Then at the very end, caption the slide with a typed wedding proposal. Or if you want to be extra creative, have your loved ones each hold up signs in individual photos. Each picture will play to reveal the words, “Will You Marry Me?” There’s room to make this as simple or elaborate as you’d like. But it is a great way to document your journey together and you can show your future children one day too!

In Summary

There are dozens of additional ways to ask for someone’s hand in marriage. As long as you put some thought behind it and make it special, the answer will likely be ‘yes’. We wish you the best of luck with your wedding proposal if you’re currently on that step. When the time comes to start planning for wedding venues around me, keep MGM Banquet Hall in mind. We’ll gladly help create the perfect, memorable wedding reception for you and your beloved. If in the Glendale, or Los Angeles, California area we are a simple “wedding venue near me’ search away. Feel free to reach out to tour our beautiful hall or speak with an expert today.