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5 Hot Party Trends for 2020

With the New Year upon us, party planning for birthdays, quinceaneras, weddings and baby showers is well underway for 2020. If you’re wondering what the latest and greatest themes of the year will be, look no further. MGM Banquet Hall in the Glendale, California area has helped coordinate and host incredibly memorable parties for more than 30 years. We’ve predicted five themes that’ll sweep banquet halls around the country in 2020. Consider the party recipient’s personality, interests, and style before choosing one of the themes below.

1) Save the Drama for Your Llama Party

Llamas are all the rage this year. Children and adults alike seem to agree that llamas are simply ‘llamaazing!’ When selecting a llama theme, think bright bold colors, including hot pink, blue and green for decorations and the cake. Plenty of cacti and fringe throughout the banquet hall will add a nice touch too.

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2) Great Gatsby, Roaring 20’s Party

Let’s face it, the 1920s were a decade that will live on forever. It was an era filled with swanky parties, speak-easies, three-piece suits, flappers and jazz music. One-hundred years later, people want to recreate that feeling and atmosphere. Be prepared to attend some over-the-top Great Gatsby style parties. Black, gold and silver accents are typically the color scheme. The food and drinks can also reflect that time period, along with guests’ trendy attire. Hire a band that specializes in 20’s music for the perfect flair.

hot party trends 2020

3) Intergalactic Outer Space Party

With the latest Star Wars movie and the “Mandalorian” trending everywhere, prepare for galaxy-themed birthday parties, showers, and receptions in 2020. Banquet halls near you will be filled with shades of black, purple, blue and silver. Twinkling stars and planets will be hung from ceilings, and even NASA inspired spacesuits will be seen. A photo booth with fun space-themed props and background will be a hit. Just be sure the DJ plays the Beastie Boys, “Intergalactic” and “Rocket Man” by Elton John to keep the theme going. Then have fun dancing the night away to a party that’s out of this world.

5 hot party trends

4) Bohemian – AKA Boho Chic

Natural elements are coming in strong for party décor this year. Boho chic has always been around, but with a return to outdoor and sustainable entertaining, 2020 is the Year of the Bohemian — think tan, mauve, cream and brown tones.  This look is all about the visual appeal with a variety of different textures. Succulents and dried florals aren’t going to wilt and require cooler air or water. This makes them another great option for an outdoor event. Add lanterns and candles to light up the night and create a warm feeling.

2020 party trends

5) Tropical Hawaiian Theme

Bring on the beautiful tropical shades of the beach with accents of a glorious sunset and you’re halfway there. Hawaiian-themed birthday parties, retirement parties, and even wedding receptions will take over 2020. Tiki torches and vibrant, colorful paper lanterns add a playful touch. Surfboards lay and tropical flowers enhance the vibe. This theme can be as elegant and upscale or as fun and laid back as you like. The food menu, cocktails, and music are easily customized to give a true beach feel to your next soiree.

five hot party trends 2020

Please reach out to us today to begin planning the party of your dreams. You can schedule an informative, no-pressure tour by calling (818) 500-0875. Cheers to celebrating 2020 with unique, festive themes hosted at MGM Banquet Hall.