5 affordable wedding ideas

5 Affordable Wedding Ideas

The average cost of a wedding depends largely on how many guests you invite, what time of year you choose, and the location of your wedding. For couples getting married in Los Angeles, finding a venue within your price range can be a difficult task.

There are a few ways to lower the cost of your wedding, especially if you get creative with your planning. A wedding planner can help you cut corners and offer insight on how to get the best services for less.

If you’re planning your wedding independently, or just want to know where to begin, here are a few ways to lower the cost of your wedding.

  1. Search for cheap banquet halls. If you want to host a banquet hall wedding, look into venues that boast lower prices and better deals. Some of these venues might surprise you with how luxurious they are. These venues might offer catering and other services as well. There are a number of banquet halls in LA, so be sure to check their websites to learn what they offer.
  2. Host your reception somewhere unique. Your Glendale wedding venue might lie where you least expect it. Parks, aquariums, and even restaurants might be a cheaper option for people that still want a memorable venue. Certain locations might be more compatible with food trucks, while a restaurant venue might open up opportunities for a package deal.
  3. Honeymoon closer to home. If you’re not dead-set on a tropical honeymoon location, try vacationing closer to home. A trip to the opposite coast might be cheaper than going international, or you could do a short road trip to a scenic location a few states over.
  4. Go for package deals. If a venue offers rentals and/or catering on top of the location itself, it might be a better option than handling everything separately. This also simplifies things and reduces the likelihood of one of the services you selected dropping out at the last minute.
  5. Plan carefully. Venues and vendors might charge more if they can tell you’re desperate to book. Plan your wedding ahead of time, and approach negotiations nonchalantly. You can also cut costs by trimming the guest list and choosing to host your wedding during an off-season.

It’s also important to remember that there are other ways to cut costs during your wedding, even if they don’t directly tie into your venue or honeymoon. Simplifying decor and home-printing invitations are just two easy ways you can save money. Hiring friends, family, or students to handle the photography, DJing, and catering can also help cut costs. It’s important to find discounts where you can, especially if you’re looking to host a budget-friendly wedding.

If you book a cheap venue and plan the rest of your wedding wisely, you can get away with a phenomenally low-cost event. With the money you save on your wedding, you can splurge on a honeymoon or save up for your new life together. Either way, you end up winning in the end.