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Types of Wedding Halls

A brides venue choice is arguably one of the most important parts of the event. Before guests see the dress and enjoy the food, they’ll be taking in the decor. For this reason, choosing a hall that suits your guest list is the first step to planning your wedding. Striking a perfect balance with your venue will allow both you and your guests to enjoy themselves and make memories worth keeping.

To help you get started, here are ten types of common wedding halls.

Banquet Hall

A banquet hall wedding is perfect for those with lengthy guest-lists. They allow a lot of room to move around and dance and might even offer catering and decoration services along with the venue.

House of Worship

While most religious locations might only host your ceremony, some might also have room to spare for receptions and other celebrations. The backdrop of a church or mosque is ideal for those with strong religious practice, or couples that just enjoy the simplicity and aesthetic of the venue.


Food, drinks, and tables are easily available when you choose a restaurant as your venue, and staff can put away tables to make room for a dance floor and reception area. Whether you dig the aesthetic of the venue or have a personal attachment to the location, your favorite restaurant can offer more than a warm meal.

Parks and Gardens

Outdoor weddings are popular for a reason — everyone can enjoy the fresh air and natural scenery, and there’s not a lot of decorating needed. Not to mention, natural light does wonders for photos! Plan around ‘magic hour’ and your wedding photographs will be beautiful.


Many upscale hotels are roomy and well-staffed, and perfect for couples with lots of out of town guests. Family and friends can rent rooms near one another in the hotel, and transportation is available to get to the event.

Barns and Farms

While you don’t have to invite any cows to the event, a barn can serve as the perfect backdrop to your wedding day. There are many farms that offer venues for events like weddings, and they’re far cleaner than your average stable.

Modern Spaces

Not a fan of the pastoral setting? A modern space can put your wedding far from any haybales. Modern wedding venues are usually “blank slates” compared to other wedding halls, so you’re free to decorate as you please. If you want a certain aesthetic or prefer a more minimalist approach to your big day, this can be a perfect option.


Many historical manors are open to the public and can even be rented as wedding venues. They offer a rich, cultured setting for your reception, and the photo opportunities are endless.

Wineries and Vineyards

People fond of wine can get behind this location pretty easily. Whether you enjoy the drink or the aesthetic of grapevines, vineyards can offer a classic, memorable location for your wedding.

Country Club

If you have a membership or just enjoy the well-manicured look of your local country club, they do make perfect wedding halls. These venues can come with staff and are generally pre-decorated.

Finding wedding venues in California can be difficult, especially if you’re on short-notice or a tight budget. However, your dream day deserves nothing but the best, and there are people that can help you achieve it. With proper help, you can be on your way down the aisle in no time.