2018 wedding trends

2018 Wedding Trends

Wedding planners are experts at keeping track of what works, and what wedding trends are coming in and out of style. While there’s no rulebook when it comes to following these trends, they can give you and your Glendale wedding planner some great ideas when it comes to designing your wedding. That being said, let’s delve into some of 2018’s rising wedding trends!

  1. After parties. Night-life makes a bright life, so after parties are getting special attention this year. While the reception and ceremony are still the meat of the event, after-parties can give guests time to wind down and enjoy themselves before the night ends.
  2. Translucency. Frosted place-cards and invitations, windowed venues, clear tents, and lots of glass are all trends coming into style. Paired with gorgeous natural scenery or a solid color scheme, this can add a glossy finish to your wedding.
  3. Potted plant decor. Flowers and weddings go hand in hand. However, your wedding doesn’t have to be outdoors to make the most of nature. Potted plants lining the aisles can give the wedding a green touch, and the aesthetic pairs well with both indoor and outdoor venues.
  4. Return of the indoor venue. While outdoor weddings have been all the rage in recent years, many people don’t like the unpredictable elements that come with outdoor weddings. Wedding planners have been getting an influx of couples requesting indoor venues, and there’s no lack of gorgeous buildings to choose from.
  5. Small wedding parties. Recently, brides and grooms alike have been narrowing down their lists. We’re seeing fewer bridesmaids and guest-lists, and more private, close-knit parties.
  6. Culture-rich, destination weddings. Many people choose exotic locations for their weddings. However, an increasing number of these people are choosing to embrace the local culture and include it in their celebrations.
  7. Dark florals. Not to say we’re doing away with the soft, pastel shades that we love to see in our bouquets. Many wedding planners are just recommending adding contrast we’re starting to see moody flowers, deep greens, and splashes of dark color.
  8. Creative place-cards. The possibilities are endless when it comes to place-cards, so people are getting creative. Dessert boxes, seashells, and even leaves are replacing place-cards this year.
  9. Dogwood accents. With dark leaves and crisp, white flowers, dogwood is both elegant and versatile. Whether it’s being used as a centerpiece or held in the bride’s hands, it’s becoming a wedding trend.
  10. Colored candles. Despite the fire hazard, the rich aesthetic of candles never ceases to tempt us. That being said, well-placed candles of varying colors are doing well to tie up color schemes and offer atmospheric lighting.

While wedding trends come and go, they’re almost always full of potential. Your wedding planner can help give you insight on what direction to take your event or lend ideas that fit your vision. Get creative, and don’t be afraid to take inspiration from unlikely places. New styles have to come from somewhere, after all. Who knows, maybe your wedding can be the next trendsetter!